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Adenoids in Children: How to avoid Surgery

adenoids treatment To find answers to all these questions In time and to make a right choice - is really difficult task for young mother. Health of the child on for the rest of the life depends on this choice.

The child often catches a cold, quinsies and constant cold - it is simple to explain it with the virus caught in a garden at peers. The erased, smooth emergence of symptoms of a disease quite often leads to the fact that adenoids freely grow and several years until casual detection on reception at the therapist develop. From this point in life of mother and child infinite walking from one office of the doctor in another begins. How to cure? Whether it is possible to avoid operation? Reaches before that the therapist, the pediatrician and the ENT specialist have diametrically different points of view in this respect. Here attempts of information search on the Internet begin, reading medical articles, forums, responses - but only finally confuses all this and does not give the answer. The answer which is so necessary.

What are adenoids?

What are adenoids Adenoids call excessively expanded nasopharyngeal tonsil which is deeply in a skull on a joint of a throat and back departments of a cavity of a nose. Contrary to plural in the name "adenoids" - an tonsil this is one. Each person has it normal and carries out the most important function of protection of airways against the bacteria arriving with air. The nasopharyngeal tonsil catches and neutralizes the inhaled air at the expense of what protects from infection everything the bodies located below - since palatal tonsils and finishing with lungs.

Often parents can take by mistake for the increased adenoids palatal tonsils (tonsillitis) which easily to see on each side if the child widely opens a mouth. It is necessary to understand that adenoids with the naked eye cannot be seen neither through a mouth, nor through the child's nose. For their survey in medical offices special devices are used.

Symptoms of enlarged adenoids in child

It is necessary to understand that adenoids can be increased to a certain degree, but not give at first any symptoms. However, exist characteristic of the increased manifestation adenoids which in most cases can be noticed at the child:

  • Breath through a nose is complicated, even when there is no cold
  • Frequent cold, constant colds
  • The child sleeps badly, wakes up at night
  • Snore during a dream
  • The mouth of the child is often open
  • Speech of the child is nasal and illegible
  • Decrease in hearing. The child often asks again
  • The child quickly gets tired, sluggish, badly studies

Emergence of similar symptoms in the child -is an occasion to prick up the ears about increase in adenoids. To diagnose precisely - they are increased or not, special survey at the doctor, and also the pictures made by means of a X-ray, or the computer tomography can help.

Why growing adenoids are dangerous?

The nasopharyngeal tonsil (adenoids) has close interrelation with a middle ear and the top department of airways. In a case when growth of adenoids is neglected and ignore - the tonsil reaches the critical size, becoming at the same time the chronic inflamed infection center in the child's organism. What it leads to?

  • Decrease in hearing, up to irreversible relative deafness - uncontrolledly growing adenoids block the message between a nasal cavity and a middle ear - all this leads to considerable decrease in hearing of the child. Over time, if adenoids not to treat - an eardrum it is irreversible loses mobility and defect of hearing can remain for the rest of life.

  • Inflammatory diseases of a middle ear (recurrent otitis) - lack of natural ventilation of a cavity of a middle ear leads to development of the chronic bacterial infection which is becoming aggravated at each jump of immunity.

  • Deformation of bones of a facial skeleton (formation of an adenoid longish face), deformation of a thorax, the wrong bite -is a consequence of long breath through a mouth in the absence of an opportunity to breathe a nose.

  • Inflammatory respiratory diseases - laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis - result of distribution of an infection from constantly inflamed center.

  • Lack of adequate supply of a brain with oxygen - breath through a mouth is not capable to provide the child's organism with due amount of oxygen. As result - decrease in progress, slackness, apathy.

  • Development of bed wetting (enuresis) - emergence of similar states on a regular basis is capable to invalidizirovat the child.

Washing adenoids with medical solutions. What prospects?

Washing adenoids It is necessary to understand - neither medicinal therapy, nor surgery - remove the cause because of which at the child adenoids are expanded. Drugs only for a while constrain symptoms of the developing illness.

At the address to the doctor everything depends on as far as adenoids managed to grow and how seriously they influence a condition of the child. If adenoids grew to the I-II degree, the child can breathe by a nose, but breathes through the mouth much more often, there are no complaints to noticeable decrease in hearing - the doctor will tell that in principle operation is necessary, but for a start will suggest to undergo treatment "conservatively" and will write out means for washing and an instillation in a nose. What it is important to know about it mother?

The complex of medicines is applied to medicinal control of growth of adenoids:

  • Hydrochloric solutions - for washing of a cavity of a nose

  • Local vasoconstrictive sprays - are urged to remove a congestion of a nose and to facilitate breath by a nose. The most frequent mistake of parents is prolonged use of these means on a regular basis - "that the nose began to breathe". More than 5-7 days are inadmissible to apply local vasoconstrictive sprays. Life on these means leads to heavy accustoming and an atrophy of a mucous membrane of a nose and as result - to the operating table.

  • Anti-septic solutions - often may contain silver ions in the basis. Solutions on a similar basis - are highly allergenic. If the child has a tendency to any kind of an allergy - application of similar means is capable to aggravate a situation considerably.

  • Antibiotics -is preparations, highly toxic for an organism. Create considerable load of a liver, are capable to aggravate a current of any kind of an allergy. Are contraindicated at pregnancy and feeding.

  • Sprays of glucocorticosteroid hormones - are used, as a rule, together with local vasoconstrictive sprays for strengthening of effect - removal of a constant congestion of a nose. This group of preparations causes accustoming and a syndrome of cancellation. Glucocorticosteroid hormones oppress local immunity, increasing risk of development of infections of airways. Preparations are toxic for a liver. Are contraindicated at pregnancy and feeding, age of the child till 5 years. Are capable to get into breast milk. Uncontrollable abuse of these preparations can lead to development of system side effect - insufficiency of function of bark of adrenal glands.

Contrary to expectations, the effect of the done "conservative" procedures passes with completion of procedures. The child still often is ill, the nose is bunged up again, tonsils quite often inflame, cough joins. Repeated visit to the doctor puts mother face to face with a question of expeditious removal of adenoids. How to arrive in this situation and what will be after operation?

Adenoids removal: Why surgery is useless?

«My daughter is 6,8. Last year in July removed adenoids. Adenoids 3 degrees. We had problems with hearing. All the time asked again. After operation everything passed. We were so happy. Now 2 weeks ago snivels appeared and again the child does not hear. I don’t know what farther to do. Anna R.»

Adenoids removal After the performed operation on removal of adenoids of pleasure of mother is not present a limit - the child for the first time on her eyes began to breathe by a nose. For the first time strong fell asleep at night. But what occurs further? Already several months later it is necessary to notice - the child catches a cold and is ill also often, as before. Chronic inflammations of a nasopharynx did not leave anywhere. Catarrhal diseases of the top airways fall already by bronchial tubes now - an infection nothing detains. And after colds all former symptoms of the growing adenoids gradually begin to appear - the nose does not breathe again, the mouth is open again, at night the child does not sleep again. A campaign to the doctor and unfavourable result - adenoids recured again and began to grow. Whether operation is necessary?

Why does that happen? Why adenoids grow after operation again and again? All the matter is that neither sprays, nor operation remove the cause because of which at the child adenoids expands. The reason of development of adenoids remains not touched, and the illness renews over and over again, leaving to the child less chances of healthy life.

How to Stop growing adenoids and save a Child from Surgery?

how to treat adenoids without surgery For this purpose that to stop the steady growth of adenoids it is necessary to remove the cause because of which they expand. But what the reason is? What remains unaffected at the child even after ten operations?

Deeply broken metabolism - is the main reason because of which adenoids expand again and again. And this reason to eliminate with operation it is impossible in principle. Until the metabolism is broken adenoids will grow. But what is capable to damage a metabolism of the child so strongly?

Breath of the child! Breath - is one of the most important bases of a metabolism in a children's organism. Unless parents at least once reflected what breath of the child just as also arterial pressure has strictly certain indicators of healthy physiological norm? The excessive depth of breath exceeding the norm necessary for health creates Catastrophe in the child's organism. At the same time the physiology of thousands of exchange processes is broken - the immune system collapses, the answer to the arriving infection is violated, there is an expressed allergization and a sensitization.

Against the breath depth, far from healthy norm, growth of adenoids is a peculiar protective reaction of a children's organism. For this reason it is impossible to stop growth of adenoids without normalization of breath of the child - return of his breath to healthy physiological indicators. For this reason neither operations, nor sprays give and can give lasting effect - excessively deep breath remains not touched and steadily continues to destroy a metabolism.

How to normalize your breathing?

The founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method In 1952 the Soviet scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko made revolutionary discovery in the field of medicine - Discovery of deep breathing diseases. On its basis he developed a cycle of special respiratory trainings which allows to restore healthy normal breath. As practice of thousands of patients who passed through Buteyko's Centre showed - normalization of breath in itself forever relieves of need for drugs of patients with initial degrees of a disease. In the heavy, started cases breath becomes the huge help allowing to rescue together with medicinal therapy an organism from unceasing progress of an illness.

The regular control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner is necessary to reach significant result in treatment with Buteyko Breathing Method. Attempts independently to normalize breath, using materials of unchecked sources, at best do not bring result. It is necessary to understand that breath - is the vital function of an organism. Statement of healthy physiological breath bears huge advantage, the wrong breath bears huge harm to health.

If you wish to normalize your breath - submit the application for passing the correspondence Course of Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet. Occupations take place under control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner that allows to reach necessary result in treatment of a disease.

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