Asthma: Why patients are afraid of hormones?

Asthma treatment with drugsToday a basis of basic therapy of bronchial asthma are inhalation forms of glucocorticosteroid hormones. Reception of these preparations is appointed to the patient for the rest of life, regardless of severity of a course of asthma, with a condition of obligatory daily application. At heavy bronchial asthma the tableted forms are added to inhalation hormonal steroids. In case of the termination of reception of the appointed hormones by the patient, there is a risk of development of the asthmatic status and a life-endangering state. Thus, the patient even easy degree of bronchial asthma with rare attacks gets to lifelong dependence on application of the preparations giving the hardest complications on all vital systems of an organism…

Patients with bronchial asthma have to know what leads daily application of glucocorticosteroid hormonal preparations to. These preparations, being exogenous analogs of hormones of adrenal glands, break the most important system of endocrine regulation in an organism, leading to permanent violation of hormonal balance. This violation is shown by the hardest complications from all body systems:

  • So, already on small terms of application of glucocorticosteroids the obesity connected with frustration of a fatty exchange begins to develop. Subsequently the given frustration leads to development of atherosclerosis of the vascular course leading to insufficiency of blood supply of heart, brain, risk of thromboembolic complications.
  • Due to the violation of blood circulation of vessels of a retina of an eye at the patients accepting hormonal therapy sight begins to fall, up to development of a total blindness. At a long-term experience of the use the cataract and glaucoma develops.
  • Glucocorticosteroids cause increase of content of sugar of blood, in some cases at continuous reception of hormonal therapy diabetes develops.
  • The most dangerous side effect of hormonal therapy is the forming an ulcer action of preparations on a mucous membrane of a digestive tract. Steroid ulcers practically do not show clinical symptomatology therefore they long time remain uncured, are complicated by bleedings.
  • Influencing processes of a kidney filtration hormones lead to development of an arterial hypertension.
  • The heaviest complication of long-term hormonal therapy is development of osteoporosis of bones of the skeleton which is shown their increased fragility and fragility.
  • Glucocorticosteroid preparations possess the oppressing action on immune system, resulting in high susceptibility of the patient to infectious diseases, an aggravation of chronic infectious processes.
  • Glucocorticosteroids at prolonged use cause impotence in men and secondary infertility at women.

Considering so heavy complications of application of glucocorticosteroid preparations, there is obvious a need to minimize their application. And more than a half of all patients with bronchial asthma are made by children till 10 years which hormones can make disabled people...

Since 1952 there is a medicineless method of correction of breath of the patient - Doctor's Buteyko Breathing Method. Fine results at treatment of patients with bronchopulmonary pathology are shown. Since 1985 the method is approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR and passed clinical tests on patients with bronchial asthma. At regular respiratory trainings most of patients with easy and moderate severity of bronchial asthma forever get rid of need of application of inhalers. At a combination to respiratory trainings patients manage to reduce considerably use of hormones with heavy bronchial asthma.

Head physician of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
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The Godson of K.P.Buteyko
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Dr. Konstantin S. Altukhov

How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the "Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method" is open.
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