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Allergy Treatment with drug-free Buteyko Breathing

Allergic Rhinitis - Why Drugs Are Poweless?

  1. What is the allergic rhinitis?
  2. How to identify allergic rhinitis?
  3. To what conducts allergic rhinitis?
  4. Treatment of allergic rhinitis by drugs and sprays
  5. Treatment of allergic rhinitis by folk remedies
  6. What plays a key role in development of rhinitis?
  7. How to free nasal breathing without hormones and sprays?

According to definition of World Health Organization allergic rhinitis is the intermittent or constant inflammation of a mucous membrane of a nose and the perirhinal sinuses caused by effect of allergens which is characterized by such nasal symptoms as edema, a congestion, an itch and hyper secretion.

cause of rhinitis Thus, allergic rhinitis is the allergic cold developing in the form of painful reaction of our organism to various substances from environment. Generally act as these substances:

  • pollen and down of plants
  • certain food
  • hair of pets
  • house dust
  • pincers from house dust
  • drugs

Thus pollen and down of plants cause seasonal aggravations. While house dust (in particular pincers of house dust), hair of pets, certain house plants, food and often taken medicine are capable to cause allergic cold during the whole year.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis

treatment of allergic rhinitis Cold and a congestion of a nose result from allergic hypostasis and an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a nose. All this causes the repeating sneeze attacks which are followed by releases of liquid from a nose. Rhinitis is followed by a constant itch in a nose. Often nasal breath is considerably complicated, up to an utter impossibility to breathe through a nose. Therefore at rhinitis at people the mouth through which there is a breath is often open. Impossibility to breathe by a nose, a constant sneeze do not allow the patient to sleep at night. Allergic reaction practically always affects a mucous membrane of eyes together with a nose - causes their reddening and dacryagogue. Set of these symptoms causes sharp decrease in working capacity and quality of human life in the period of an exacerbation of rhinitis.

Depending on degree of expressiveness of the above symptoms allocate:

  • the easy course of allergic rhinitis – all symptoms are expressed moderately, the sneeze after contact with allergen, a periodic congestion of a nose disturbs. The patient can sleep. Nasal breath is poorly complicated.
  • the moderate course of allergic rhinitis – the repeating sneeze attacks are already expressed, strengthening in the morning, allocations from a nose, reddening of eyes, dacryagogue is frequent. There are violations in recognition of smells. Nasal breath is periodically complicated. The night dream suffers.
  • heavy current – all symptoms of a disease are brightly expressed, the patient practically cannot breathe a nose, cannot sleep, badly distinguishes smells, working capacity is sharply reduced, there is a tendency to increase in number of allergens and transition of a disease to allergic bronchial asthma.

To what conducts allergic rhinitis?

vasodilating sprays at allergic rhinitis Practice when people for years do not treat this disease Is widespread. But, it is impossible to live with a stuffy nose. Therefore they try to remove every day a nose congestion by local vasoconstrictive spray. To what it conducts? And conducts it to the operating table. These sprays are admissible to application in exceptional cases of short-term cold. More than 7 days are forbidden to apply vasoconstrictive preparations. Prolonged use in short terms causes heavy medicinal dependence on a preparation, and the preparation becomes the main reason of a constant congestion of a nose and an allergy. At further uncontrollable application the atrophy of a mucous membrane of a nose develops, and release of nasal breath requires airways operation.

Allergic rhinitis cannot be neglected categorically. This is progressing disease. If aggravation of an allergy begins if not to treating him - the circle of substances which cause cold extends. The initial allergy to pollen is combined with the developed allergy to dust, products and cats now. So, from seasonal the disease becomes year-round. Also expressiveness of all symptoms is aggravated - breath through a nose practically disappears, the itch and a sneeze amplifies, all this deprives of a full-fledged night dream. The most dangerous result of progress of a disease is further transition of allergic rhinitis to allergic bronchial asthma.

For establishment of the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis carry out special researches. First of all, dab is carried out from a nose - in it a certain cellular structure is defined by methods of microscopy. The immunological blood test allows to confirm the allergic nature of a disease.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis by drugs

Allergic rhinitis treat by means of a complex of medicines. This complex include:

  • Antihistamines (as a rule tablets)
  • Spray on the basis of a cromolyn of sodium (in a nose)
  • Glucocorticosteroid hormones spray (in a nose)

treatment of allergic rhinitis by drugs Antihistamines means happen three generations - drugs of the first generation possess a maximum of side effects, have serious sleeping pill and the slowing-down effect. All antihistaminic preparations cannot be accepted at pregnancy and feeding. Are toxic for a liver and kidneys therefore prolonged use of these preparations represents risk for people with renal and hepatic diseases. Preparations are not recommended for application to children and people at advanced age.

Local spray on the basis of a cromolyn of sodium – is applied in a complex with antihistamine tablets, as a rule, at moderate or heavy allergic rhinitis. This preparation is forbidden for application to children till 5 years, to pregnant women and the feeding women. It is toxic for a liver and kidneys therefore it is not recommended to application if there are diseases of data of bodies. Also use of this spray at the accompanying polyps of a nasal cavity is not recommended.

Glucocorticosteroid hormones spray – is applied in a complex with antihistamine preparations and cromolyn of sodium at moderate or heavy allergic rhinitis. Preparations on a basis the glucocorticosteroid hormones oppress immunity therefore these means are contraindicated in the presence of tuberculosis, a fungal and viral infection. Prolonged use is interfaced to risk of developing of an upper respiratory tract infection. At frequent application there is a risk of nasal bleedings demanding cancellation of preparations. All line of these hormonal means is contraindicated at pregnancy and feeding as at frequent application there is a risk of development of adrenal glands insufficiency of a fetus. Preparations are contraindicated to children till five years. Are toxic for a liver and kidneys therefore demand special attention at appointment with the corresponding pathology. Glucocorticosteroid hormones cause an accustoming syndrome therefore their cancellation represents a number of certain difficulties.

Thus, the listed medicines do not eliminate the reason of developing of an allergy, they are directed on temporary release of nasal breath. The main problem is that fact that at a year-round form of allergic rhinitis, this, in fact, is lifelong periodic application of these tablets and sprays. But even seasonal application can be tightened for months. Symptoms of a congestion and cold constantly renew. All this brings to frequent and sometimes, to uncontrollable application of these means. So, the maximum risk of development of side effects is created.

лечение аллергического ринита у беременных Besides, there is a number of basic restrictions on treatment of rhinitis with drugs. It both pregnancy and feeding and for a number of preparations children's age. Prolonged use of the main preparations for treatment of allergic rhinitis in itself causes accustoming and a medicinal allergy and as a result - allergic rhinitis on reception of a preparation.

Progress of allergic rhinitis is connected with need to apply in a complex at once some types of drugs. Heavy allergic rhinitis results in need to use glucocorticosteroid hormones in the form of sprays. Therefore it is especially important, to mean - these preparations promote local decrease in immunity and can cause development of infectious complications. In this regard the constant control and regular a bacterial crops from a mucous membrane is necessary.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis by folk remedies

washing of a nose at allergic rhinitis In the Internet can be met thousands of various recipes of treatment of allergic rhinitis by means of herbs. They are based on the principle of preparation of broth or spirit a certain plant infusion. Further it is necessary to carry out regular washing of a nasal cavity the received broth, filling in it serially in nostrils. Or on drops to accept the received spirtovy infusion. It is also possible to meet mentions about wadded tampons with extract of a chistotel and garlic which need to be inserted into nostrils for a certain time.

Thus aloe juice, infusions of mix of a chamomile, a yarrow and calendula, infusions of a dandelion, roots of a burdock, leaves of a nettle and a train are most known.

The main problem of application is that at the time of the appeal to folk remedies of people, as a rule, has already widespread multiple-factor allergic reaction. For this reason the majority of herbs in itself are already allergens for the patient and are inaccessible as a remedy. While the impossibility to check a method of collecting, preparations and applications of these means creates risk of introduction of an infection into a nasal cavity of the patient.

Why allergic rhinitis develops and how to cure it?

Allergic rhinitis, as well as any allergy, is caused by a deep metabolic disorder in the patient's organism. The broken metabolism conducts to disorder of work of immune system and pathological reaction to various substances.

Only two types of substances - air from the outside come to a human body with breath and food. They also define a metabolism in our organism.

Widely known principles of healthy nutrition allow to exclude harmful foodstuff from a diet. And the standard apportion of allergens on panels allows to reveal them.

Our breath plays one of key roles in development and progressing of allergic rhinitis. Only normal physiological breath is capable to provide adequately our organism. Our type, speed and depth of breath form gas composition of blood. The gas composition of blood defines its acid-alkaline state. The correct work of thousands of proteins and enzymes is possible at absolutely certain percentage ratio of gases. Thus, breath acts as one of key regulators of a metabolism.

The excessive depth of breath of the patient far from physiological norm causes deep failure in work of a metabolism and creates a favorable background for development and progressing of an allergy. Thus, allergic rhinitis is in many respects caused by deep breath of the patient. The inflammation and hypostasis of the mucous serve as a peculiar protective reaction - attempt of our organism to prevent deep breath. However difficulties at breath by a nose lead to breath through a mouth that in even bigger measure aggravates the course of an allergy. So deep breath becomes one of the key factors keeping development of allergic rhinitis.

At treatment by nasal sprays, broths of herbs happens attempt temporarily to release airways. However the patient thus continues to breathe excessively deeply, so, continues to destroy the metabolism and to promote development of an allergy. This circumstance simply does not allow to cope with the illness.

Statement of healthy physiological breath allows to remove protective reaction of an organism. Thus there is a normalization of a number of exchange factors. All this conducts to release of nasal breath in case of an initial stage of a course of allergic rhinitis. In the hard neglected case having only normalized breath it is possible to achieve effective complex effect from drugs, to stop progress of a disease and its transition to bronchial asthma.

Thus, treatment of allergic rhinitis is always a complex. But a complex not of drugs and sprays in the maximum dosages. It is a complex of normalization of the main processes for our life - breath and food. Without normalization of breath it is simply impossible to cope with progress of allergic rhinitis as the excessive depth of breath in a root destroys our metabolism. Medicinal support in a complex with normalization of breath is admissible and takes place to be in the heavy or already created cases of allergic rhinitis, but it will already be absolutely other dosages - smaller on orders. Only the correct arrangement of priorities at treatment of rhinitis will allow us to avoid side effects of drugs, to stop steady progress of an allergy and to rescue health of himself and the children.

How to normalize your breathing?

The founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method In 1952 the Soviet scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko made revolutionary discovery in the field of medicine - Discovery of deep breathing diseases. On its basis he developed a cycle of special respiratory trainings which allows to restore healthy normal breath. As practice of thousands of patients who passed through Buteyko's Centre showed - normalization of breath in itself forever relieves of need for drugs of patients with initial degrees of a disease. In the heavy, started cases breath becomes the huge help allowing to rescue together with medicinal therapy an organism from unceasing progress of an illness.

The regular control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner is necessary to reach significant result in treatment with Buteyko Breathing Method. Attempts independently to normalize breath, using materials of unchecked sources, at best do not bring result. It is necessary to understand that breath - is the vital function of an organism. Statement of healthy physiological breath bears huge advantage, the wrong breath bears huge harm to health.

If you wish to normalize your breath - submit the application for passing the correspondence Course of Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet. Occupations take place under control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner that allows to reach necessary result in treatment of a disease.

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