Asthma: The History of Life Saving

to cancel hormones or go blind...

The New York Times newspaper

November 3, 2009 in The New York Times newspaper was published an article about history of salvage of the fateful patient with asthma by the Buteyko Breathing Method.

From of his 58 years the man suffered from of bronchial asthma 48. All these years he used the most known expanding the airways hormonal spray, however even it didn't help. So by 58 years at David the 20-year experience of use of hormonal steroids collected. Yes, these drugs gave him the chance to live, but steroid drugs possess in too time and enormous side effects of which, unfortunately, people think a little when buy them in a drugstore according to the prescription of the doctor. Doing it, they in fact get to constant dependence on drugs which influence in the hardest way the most important organs and systems. Yes, David controlled the asthma by hormones, but by 58 years under the influence of reception of steroids he developed the most serious degenerative changes of a retina.

After visit of the ophthalmologist the question rose a rib – to apply further steroids – means forever to lose vision and in the place with it and a profession and practically all… To cancel hormones – is risk to die from the next attack of asthma. At this time from the friend David for the first time heard about existence of a method of the Soviet doctor Buteyko, that this method allows to avoid reception of hormones at bronchial asthma…

The problem consists that such stories of medicamentous "treatment" of asthma by hormones are thousands and millions, however people have to lose at first vision, the few think get up on a side of life and death and only then about existence of not medicinal way which would be reasonable to be used first of all at statement of the diagnosis of bronchial asthma.

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