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Asthma treatment with drug-free Buteyko Breathing

Asthma is not a sentence to hormone dependency

How to understand that you have a bronchial asthma?
Asthma treatment with drugs - why doses steadily grow?
Asthma treatment with hormones - why people are afraid of them?
The main reason of asthma and why drugs are powerless?
Whether it is possible to stop asthma?
How to rescue himself and your child from of hormones?

Asthma treatment -it is only a small part of questions answers on which are vital to each person who got sick with bronchial asthma.

Answers to these questions literally words can save life and to the adult and the sick child. But whether it is so easy to find them in the boundless sea of the same articles, advertizing of the medical centers and all of new preparations? In practice it turns out, what even years of fight against asthma of answers of the patient later does not receive anywhere. But how so leaves?

It is absolutely clear that the attacks of shortage of air which are followed by cough and rattles shortly bring also the adult and the child to the local therapist. From the doctor of people for the first time learns that it is bronchial asthma. The patient receives the list of preparations which need to be accepted every day for "control over asthma and prevention of attacks" Е But whether bronchial asthma for the person comes to an end on it? Whether there comes treatment from a disease and healthy life?

Unfortunately, no. In life of the patient the period of slow and steady progress of a disease with the gradual growth of a dosage of the taken medicine begins. So it turns out that to prevent emergence of attacks of asthma, it is necessary to accept more and more drugs. Poorly operating preparations in the medical scheme replace on strong over time, but the illness does not leave. On pain of attacks of asthma of the patient is ready to accept any preparations - at this time there is no time to reflect on consequences. Being afraid for the child's life, mother is compelled to give him hormonal preparations since the earliest childhood. Quite so, take place in attempts to cope with bronchial asthma by the help of drugs went the years. But to what all this conducts?

Over the years bronchial asthma does not leave, on the contrary, over time it becomes more difficult to be "controlled" by of drugs. The increasing dosages of hormonal preparations lead to development of the hardest side effects which already in itself represent diseases. The vicious circle of unsuccessful treatment becomes isolated.

Alas, but often only at this stage sick with bronchial asthma starts search of alternative to drugs and answers l on all the same questions which so anywhere and did not receive.

To find a way out, let's sort all most important and unclear questions one after another.

How to understand that you have a bronchial asthma?

symptoms of asthma Bronchial asthma is chronic and mainly allergic respiratory disease. It is possible to tell that it is "allergy" of bronchial tubes to the most different factors. The patient inhales allergen, certain and specific to him at home, at work or on the street. In response to it there is an allergic hypostasis and narrowing of bronchial tubes and the attack of bronchial asthma develops:

  1. It becomes difficult to inhale and especially heavy to exhale
  2. There is a shortage of air, short wind and cough
  3. The thorax is inflated
  4. Often breath during an attack is followed by rattles
  5. In order that it was easier to breathe, the patient rests hands against a chair, a bed, a table

What can cause an asthma attack?

Most often it is household allergens (house dust, micropincers from carpets, furniture and linen, hair of animals), certain food, cold air. As allergen some drugs can also serve - aspirinovy asthma is most known. Sometimes attacks of asthma can be connected with physical activity and develop right after it.

Asthma treatment with drugs - why doses steadily grow?

Asthma treatment with drugs Drugs do not eliminate the reason of developing of bronchial asthma - drugs are capable to remove its symptoms only temporarily. The major pernicious factor which at overwhelming number of patients led to development of an illness, remains not cured and not touched by medicines. For this reason, despite everyday use of inhalers and means of basic therapy asthma all the same progresses over the years. Slight asthma passes into asthma of average weight of a current over time, and as a result a heavy form. And it becomes more difficult and more difficult to control an illness - more and more serious and dangerous dosages hormonal and the bronkhial tubes expanding of means for this purpose are required. But than asthma medicine is so hazardous to health? Let's sort below.

Side effects of asthma drugs Ц It is important to know to every one!

For medicamentous control over bronchial asthma use two basic groups of medicines which the patient accepts every day:

  1. glucocorticosteroid hormones Ц are a basis for medicamentous control of manifestations of bronchial asthma. They are accepted by means of an inhaler, or in hard cases in tablets. According to modern schemes of treatment to you they will be appointed even at the easy course of bronchial asthma as "basic therapy". It is considered to be that the most terrible for health are so-called system side effects the glucocorticosteroid hormones which developments try to avoid by means of inhalations. But of which side effects of glucocorticosteroids patients and doctors, especially so are afraid if children have to appoint hormones? Let's sort the most important.

    • Cause hormonal dependence and a syndrome of cancellation.

    • Suppression of function of bark of adrenal glands. Against continuous reception of glucocorticosteroids possibly violation of natural development of the vital hormones of adrenal glands. In that case so-called adrenal insufficiency develops. Thus, the dosage of hormones more long the accepted course of treatment were higher, the oppression of function of adrenal glands can remain more long. What thus occurs? There is a violation of all types of a metabolism, in particular water-salt and an exchange of sugars. Violation in work of heart - arrhythmias, jumps and increase of arterial pressure are caused. And in blood the content of sugar changes. For this reason this state is especially dangerous to patients with diabetes and heart diseases.

    • Immunity suppression Ц glucocorticosteroid hormones suppress local immunity. For this reason as a result of regular inhalations at the patient oral cavity candidiasis can develop. For the same reason bacterial and viral infections of airways can easily join asthma, and existing to become aggravated.

    • Decrease in density of bones Ц arises because of the increased removal of calcium from an organism. As result - compression fractures of vertebras and bones of extremities

    • Increase of sugar in blood Ц constitutes special danger at the accompanying diabetes.

    • Damage of muscles Ц arises weakness of muscles of mainly humeral and pelvic belt.

    • Increase of intraocular pressure Ц is the most dangerous to patients of advanced age.

    • Violation of an exchange of fats Ц can be shown in the form of hypodermic fatty deposits and also increase of level of lipids in blood

    • Dying off of a bone tissue (osteonecrosis) Ц can be shown a type of emergence of the multiple small centers, mainly in a head of a femoral and humeral bone. The earliest violations can be traced by means of MRI. Late violations are visible in x-ray pictures

  2. Bronchodilators (B-adrenomimetics) Ц are the second main group of the medicines applied to control of symptoms of bronchial asthma. Happen the long and short period of action.

    Long action bronchodilators often go in the form of the combined preparation together with glucocorticosteroid hormones.

    Short action bronchodilators Patients with asthma use in emergency situation for removal of an attack.

    It is important to know that these medicines can cause:

    • heart rhythm disturbance, in this connection their reception is contraindicated to patients with arrhythmias and it is dangerous at advanced age.
    • oxygen starvation of a cardiac muscle Ц as a possible side effect of B-adrenomimetics constitutes danger to patients with coronary heart disease and stenocardia
    • increase of blood sugar level Ц an important indicator which needs to be controlled at diabetes
    • can get into breast milk
    • are contraindicated to children till 6 years

Side effects of  asthma Certainly, side effects arise at long reception of medicines. But, unfortunately, at bronchial asthma such it also is. Try to struggle with asthma for years. And all these years - by means of these medicines. Side effects are imposed at each other over time and the patient receives the whole bunch already of other diseases. A huge problem is also hormonal dependence which is developed on reception of glucocorticosteroid that is of particular importance when these preparations are written out to small children as a compulsory measure on control of asthma is represented. However, and in these cases asthma progresses, after all the main reason of development of an illness is not eliminated and continues to destroy the patient's organism.

The main reason of asthma and why drugs are powerless?

Attacks of bronchial asthma is a reflex protective reaction of an organism to the excessive depth of breath of the patient. But how depth of our breath can influence emergence and development of bronchial asthma?

With an excessive depth of breath from an organism there is an excessive washing away of carbon dioxide - the most important factor of relaxation of smooth muscles of bronchial tubes and saturation of an organism by oxygen. The fundamental laws testifying to an enormous role and functions of carbon dioxide in an organism were open and evidence-based by the most famous physiologists of the end of the XIX century and are described in the book "Breath" of Haldane and Priestley in 1937.

At a lack of carbon dioxide (CO2):

  1. blood does not give oxygen to fabrics - breath becomes frequent
  2. there is a hyper secretion of a mucous membrane of airways - aggravates shortage of air
  3. there is a reflex spasm and narrowing of bronchial tubes - the attack of bronchial asthma develops

Far from physiological norm, excessively deep breath for years continues to destroy the patient's organism. For this reason drugs in itself are not able to stop bronchial asthma. And for this reason it is unceasing dosages of more and more heavy preparations grow. Deep breath remains, and the illness steadily progresses. It is impossible to breathe deeply, destroying every day all metabolism and to cure asthma by an inhaler. Only having restored normal physiological breath, having eliminated the reason of emergence, it is possible to stop an illness.

How to normalize your breathing?

The founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method In 1952 the Soviet scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko made revolutionary discovery in the field of medicine - Discovery of deep breathing diseases. On its basis he developed a cycle of special respiratory trainings which allows to restore healthy normal breath. As practice of thousands of patients who passed through Buteyko's Centre showed - normalization of breath in itself forever relieves of need for drugs of patients with initial degrees of a disease. In the heavy, started cases breath becomes the huge help allowing to rescue together with medicinal therapy an organism from unceasing progress of an illness.

In 1985, Ministry of Health of the USSR issued the order No. 591 according to which Buteyko Breathing Method was entered into the standard of treatment of bronchial asthma at the level of a polyclinic and stationary link.
In 2002 Buteyko Breathing Method was included in Global strategy of treatment and prevention of bronchial asthma (GINA-2002) - the world famous medical edition which is a source of practical recommendations to attending physicians around the world.
In 2008 the Russian respiratory society includes Buteyko Breathing Method in the State program "Bronchial asthma at children. Strategy of treatment and prevention"..

The regular control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner is necessary to reach significant result in treatment with Buteyko Breathing Method. Attempts independently to normalize breath, using materials of unchecked sources, at best do not bring result. It is necessary to understand that breath - is the vital function of an organism. Statement of healthy physiological breath bears huge advantage, the wrong breath bears huge harm to health.

If you wish to normalize your breath - submit the application for passing the correspondence Course of Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet. Occupations take place under control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner that allows to reach necessary result in treatment of a disease.

How To Learn The Buteyko Breathing Method?
Registration for training to the Buteyko Breathing Method with reception of ЂThe Practical Video-Course of the Buteyko Breathing Methodї is opened.
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Head physician of the Buteyko Centre,
Diplomaed Buteyko-practitioner,
Neurology and Osteopathy physician,
Dr.Konstantin Altukhov

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