Part I: The beginning

The Great Discovery of Buteyko Breathing Method


Part I: «The Beginning»

Sergei Altukhov Dear our readers! Today we begin display of the first series of a documentary serial Great Medical Discovery of Russian scientist Konstantin Buteyko. My name is Sergey Altukhov. I am the pupil and follower of Konstantin Buteyko. The author of the documentary novel-trilogy «Doctor Buteyko Discovery». My experience of work in movement of Buteyko totals is already quarter of the century.

For the first time I have started moving Buteyko in far 1987. Today at us on a court yard stands on October, 22nd, 2012. Scientist Konstantin Buteyko has made the Grandiose Medical Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing in the night from the seventh on eighth for October, 1952. In total two weeks ago we have celebrated the sixtieth anniversary … of this remarkable Discovery.

And exactly in this jubilee anniversary I have decided to create a multiseries documentary film on stories of Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing! On stories of a Buteyko Breathing Method. After all Dr. Buteyko not only has proved that deep breathing bears to us a heap of illnesses. Such, as, for example, an asthma, a bronchitis, an emphysema of lungs, a hypertension, a diabetes, a stenocardia, a neurodermatitis, psoriasis, female tumours …

But the scientist also has thought up at once a method of strong-willed liquidation of deep breathing! The Buteyko breathing method which treats these illnesses, or essentially facilitates them without any medicines! At last, it is a serial film about selfless activity of the greatest scientist!! Dr. Buteyko has lived long and very distressful life. He has died in May, 2003. On 81 year of life. More than half of a century bureaucrats from official medicine hunted the true genius! These bureaucrats from of medical science till now cannot cure neither an asthma, nor a hypertension, a stenocardia.

Why? Because they do not know the main reason of these illnesses of a civilisation!! Here also try chemical tablets and pricks simply to muffle painful symptoms of these illnesses. The Buteyko breathing method treats these diseases!! Treats without a scalpel, tablets and chemical injections. Because the Buteyko breathing method helps to eliminate the main reason of illness - deep breathing of the patient!!! Therefore bureaucrats from medicine also pursued the scientist at life - he became for them the dangerous competitor.

After all the pharmaceutical industry acquires huge profits on creation of synthetic, chemical medicines. To this industry it is not necessary medicinalless a Buteyko breathing method!! It is not necessary in any kind. Otherwise tons of expensive medicines remain in warehouses in drugstores. Them begin to buy less. The profit will charply fall… Therefore Dr. Buteyko during lifetime has not received any awards for the outstanding Discovery.

Moreover! His hunted and pursued all his conscious life. To him did not allow to give freely public lectures about Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing. And about a Buteyko breathing method. In 35 years the young candidate of medical sciences Konstantin Buteyko was discharged from office... In memorable 1968 bureaucrats from a science have closed his scientific laboratory of functional diagnostics well-known among patients in Novosibirsk Academic small town!

On barbarian have broken the most valuable combine-kompleksator. This big complex device was miracle of electronic technics in second half of 20 century. It already then gave the invaluable information about the patient. In it synchronously worked more than 14 most complicated electronic devices!! The infra-red analyzer everyone of the eight 100-th second defined the percent of the maintenance of carbonic gas is in inhaled and exhaled air.

The quantity of oxygen in inhaled air was simultaneously measured. To within the tenth shares … percent!

Speed of a breath and exhalation was registered. Acted in film twelve … electrocardiograms! On three channels sounds of heart and the schedule of a pulsation of the smallest vessels of fingers of hands registered. Photo cells defined saturation of haemoglobin of blood by oxygen.

At each blow of heart we hardly considerably shudder. Three ballistocardiographs wrote down speed and acceleration of displacement of a body at these blows of heart. In three mutually perpendicular directions!! And after all the size of displacement of a body at heart blow makes all thousand … MILLIMETER shares! For one hour - of thousand records!!

You understand, dear televiewers, what miracle of technics was represented by this unique device?!! A combine - compleksator. Konstantin Buteyko collected that big device during of half-year by his own hands … And villains - bureaucrats have broken this device!! In its metal parts began to boil dirty hospital linen!! What it is possible to tell about barbarity of medical officials which have made this crime?

Already there is no that device. There are no even its parts. Scientist Konstantin Buteyko has died. I can show you only photos of this miracle of technics. Remember them for ever! On this rare photo you see young scientist Konstantin Buteyko. In his scientific laboratory. In the room centre on a couch the patient lies. Buteyko (he is in spectakles) stands at a headboard of the patient. The combine-kompleksator is located on all room. Wires from its various parts reach for the patient. This patient suffers an asthma and a hypertension.

Dr. Buteyko instructs the patient to breathe more deeply. And at once all devices of a combine - complexasator show approach of an attack of an asthma on records. And blood pressure lifting. The scientist gives other command. To lower depth of breathing …. And at once stops an asthma attack! The blood pressure goes down directly in the face of!!

It was really miracle device! With its help scientist Konstantin Buteyko by means of documentary records of complicated devices has proved the extremely important dependence … Dependence of narrowing or expansion of blood vessels and alveoluses of lungs on a rhythm, depths and qualities of breathing!!

If the patient breathes deeply blood vessels (arterial) start to be narrowed!! Pressure rises up. Alveoluses of lungs have spasm. And it is difficult to patient to breathe. If the patient starts to reduce depth of breathing … That arterial vessels extend. Pressure goes down. The spasm of alveoluses of lungs stops. And it becomes easier to patient to breathe.

You understand, dear patients, what invaluable scientific information was given by this combine - complexator! It were any more than words of Buteyko about harm of deep breathing. It was already strict the documentary proof of greatness of Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing!!. Dr. Buteyko said that that combine - complexator which he has created in 1958-1960 surpasses and now most perfect medical equipment!! That the well-known modern most complicated tomograph – it is only rather bad Roentgen(rontjen) against a combine - complecsator!

Here what miracle of iatrotechnics by barbarian was destroyed in 1968 by bureaucrats from medicine. They very much would not like, that the pharmaceutical mafia began to lose incomes of sale of the expensive chemical tablets. And a combine - complexator it is evident … showed force of MEDICINALLESS!!..., a Buteyko breathing method. Has passed 45 years since destruction a combine miracle-. But till now anybody in the world has not created anything similar!! How many patients were rescued by a combine for ten years of its work!! With 1958 го year for 1968. It were hundreds the hardest patients. An asthma, hypertension, stenocardia gave in to force a combine miracle.

But how many millions patients this magic device could rescue if bureaucrats from medicine have not destroyed it ?!! And so all these patients were lost from an asthma, a hypertension, a stenocardia. Their course of life has appeared more shortly for thirty - forty percent from possible. If to add up together lost years of human lifes the terrible figure will turn out. Millions years of life were carried away by combine destruction. And also by persecution of scientist Dr. Buteyko.

Buteyko was only thirty five years when animals with scientific ranks have closed his scientific laboratory! Animals with scientific degrees have ordered to cook dirty hospital linen in a combine!! On their conscience the crime against mankind health lies. Buteyo was discharged from of office. And never more the scientist worked in the state clinics and hospitals! NEVER!

He in thirty five years remained without work and without the future pension … Hiss pupils also have received the wolf ticket. Them pursued and put in psychiatric casemates. Here so the pharmaceutical mafia has awarded of the author of medicinalless miracle method!!...

On it, dear televiewers, I will finish the first series of my the documentary tele-serial. It( all serial) carries the name: Great Medical Discovery of scientist Konstantin Buteyko. The given first series has name - The Beginning.

I plan to create a serial not less than fifteen series. Scientist Konstantin Buteyko, his Discovery and his Method quite deserve of that. In this serial I will not hurry up. I will in detail tell all. And the biography of Buteyko. And about years of his study. How there was a Discovery and Buteyko breathing method has been created. I will tell, how the pharmaceutical mafia has met that Discovery. As big scientists banished Dr. Buteyko from the offices. They did not want to hear about MEDICINALLESS method. They were afraid to sweep from a pharmaceutical mafia. Were afraid that will lose the profitable posts …

On a course of a serial I will sometimes show small fragments of the method. But really the Buteyko breathing method can be studied only under the direction of the experienced educator. Not important - internal this training. Or remote training on the Internet. The main thing that the experienced educator constantly observed of process of your training. That he supervised all your cleanings on a method and the first difficulties.

Continuation follows! | Part II: Dr. Konstantin Buteyko biography.

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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