Part II: Dr. Buteyko biography

The Great Discovery of Buteyko Breathing Method

Part II: «Dr. Konstantin Buteyko biography»

Sergei Altukhov Dear our readers. Today we begin display of the second series of a documentary serial: «Great Medical Discovery of scientist Konstantin Buteyko» This second series carries the name «Dr. Konstantin Buteyko biography»

Once again I will name myself. To call me Sergey Altukhov. I am the writer and Buteyko breathing educator with the experience in twenty five years. Dr. Buteyko always learnt us that we first of all were in detail presented to patients. Because patients should know, who exactly tells them about Great Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing. Then they can trust to words of the story-teller.

I was born on September, 22nd, 1952. In Russia. In the city of Novosibirsk. Also has lived there fifty years of the life. Only in February, 2003 I have temporarily moved on the south of Russia. To Krasnodar territory. I have come to movement of Buteyko in 1987. Aged thirty five years. At this time I lived in Novosibirsk Academic small town. This small town is the Soviet disctrict of the city of Novosibirsk. It is located on the bank of the wonderful Obsky sea … In a beautiful Siberian taiga. There there live the best scientists of our country. And Konstantin Buteyko also lived there at this time.

In 1987 I have met for the first time Dr. Buteyko pupils. And in June, 1988 I have crossed for the first time a threshold of apartment of the great scientist. By education I am the engineer. Has finished Novosibirsk railway institute. Building faculty. But I for some reason very much would like to become the writer. And to summer of 1988 I have already published three books. The story about partisans-Siberians. And two stories about the glorified workers. It were heroes of Socialist Work.

My wife Lyudmila Sokolsky has saved her life by means of the Buteyko Breathing Method. She had many serious illness. Awful оsteochondrosis, an anaemia, a female pathology … In 1984 she was dieing literally. Shy was rescued from death by Konstantin Buteyko pupil. And Ljusja has asked me to write the book about a Buteyko breathing method.

She has personally resulted me in apartment of scientist in the beginning of June, 1988 . I have seen beautiful, high and harmonous grey-haired Buteyko. To him in 1988 year were executed 65 years . He has attentively seen three my books. Has looked through them. And has then told.

- Here you write about Heroes of Work. About workers. Other writers write about the advanced collective farmers … But anybody yet has not written the big book about a method of strong-willed liquidation of deep breathing! Though thousands patients need such book …

I have answered that I want to write such book. After all the Buteyko breathing method has rescued my wife. Dr. Buteyko has looked at me a lingering look.
- You know, - he has noticed. - Write such book can really only my pupil . Here it is impossible to interview simply a little. And to process them literary. You should arrive to me for work. You should master a method very well. To become Buteyko breathing educator. You should start to train of patients in a method. Here then … to you will be to write about what. After all I have not enough doctors - of educators. Doctors have got used to treat sick of tablets. It is difficult to them to believe in medicinalless method. Therefore many my educators have the higher-technical education. As well as you. It is sometimes easier to engineer to see all organism of the patient as a whole. And our doctors are spoiled by narrow specialisation …

Here so I became Buteyko breathing educator. Already through a half - of year me have appointed by the vice-president under the information and the press of the Siberian Center «Buteyko Breathing». And Dr. Buteyko was the Chairman. To me have given very much an activity wide field. I not only studied in a method himself. Not only conducted educational groups of patients. But, as the vice-president, I has gone round the half- of country. Has visited other Centers Buteyko. Has visited on Buteyko conferences. Has got acquainted with experience of teaching of a method in other cities and the Centers.

And in September, 1990 in booths of a city of Novosibirsk there was the FIRST!., volume of my documentary novel-trilogy «Doctor Buteyko Discovery». Dr. Buteyko has awarded me with the highest awards in his movement. I have from him two diplomas of Buteyko breathing educator. One scientist has handed over to me in 1989. And the second in 10 years later during after certification. I have Konstantin Buteyko guarantee on conducting propagation of a method. And on conducting a practical training. I have the licence from Buteyko. And in all documents the scientist has personally written: period of validity it is termless!

Moreover. He has handed over me even the certificate of the educator - of the auditor!! This is general rank in movement of Buteyko. It grants very big rights. Also imposes the big responsibility. If references and diplomas have received hundreds educators at that time. Methodologist-auditor Dr. Buteyko has entrusted that rare certificate only to several pupils. He has given out only four such documents …

For a long time already the Greatest sientist is not present with us on that wide world…. He has left from us in May, 2003. On eighty first of life. My trilogy «Doctor Buteyko discovery» already has expanded to five volumes. Also began to be called: the encyclopaedia «All about a Buteyko breathing method». It is published in electronic form by my publisher and the colleague from Voronezh. Victor Kafarena. You can easily find his site. It is necessary to enter into a search line of the Internet only such words: «the Remote course in a Buteyko breathing method».

I have published also the video encyclopaedia about a Buteyko breathing method. Personally Konstantin Buteyko speaks there about a method. This video encyclopaedia is published also by Victor Kafarena. But it it is not enough of all!! Great Discovery demands much more the information. Patients should know all about the author of a method of strong-willed liquidation of deep breathing. Otherwise they never can understand a method up to the end.

Those who considers a Buteyko breathing method as simply respiratory gymnastics, are deeply mistaken!! And for this reason at such people a little that turns out in a method … the Method is not GYMNASTICS! It is a new way of life. And new thinking of the patient!! While the patient will not correct the thinking, he cannot take of hundred percent from of method advantage! And to correct thinking it is possible only if to track as it Konstantin Buteyko did!! And he did it not one day. And many long years. And long went to the Discovery. Here therefore patients should know All about himl. About his life, destiny and work. Here THEN the method will help the patient for hundred percents.!! And those who is content only with minutes of practical trainingsof breathing, can take from a method of less half possible!!

Therefore I ask televiewers to remember this my prevention. For those who searches in a film only for a method, I will show right now a short fragment of training. This fragment always can be found on a site of the Moscow Center. There the head physician of the centre Andrey Evgenievich Novozhilov shows a training element in teleinterview on the channel of the Russian television.

Purely practical fragment of a method is very simple OUTWARDLY … Sit down here how I directly. Develop shoulders. Thus relax. Also breathe superficially.

It is all!! Outwardly the method looks so. But those who will try to study a method without control of the experienced educator (not important internally or on the Internet goes this control) can not only not improve health … They can it and strongly spoil. Because the method is not respiratory gymnastics!! It is a new way of life. And New thinking. It can be developed only on employment with the experienced educator. And to strengthen effect by studying the life and struggle for Discovery of the greatest scientist himself!!

And to know about life of the great scientist, it is necessary to know his biography. At least in general. But, unfortunately, the biography of the great scientist anywhere in the world is not published till now by the separate book. And patients cannot mark anniversary of his Birthday at all. And they need to be marked! It is necessary though sometimes to remember the one who has presented to the world Grandiose Discovery of Illnesses of deep Breathing. Believe - it will benefit for health to the one who remembers good.

Konstantin Buteyko was born on January, 27th, 1923. Mark in memory this date. On January, 27th it is after all in general nice date. Only 19 years prior to a birth of the genius the legendary Russian cruiser "Varangian" has made the immortal feat! On January, 27th, 1904 the Japanese military squadron has attacked a lonely Russian cruiser on spot-check of the Korean port of Chemulpo. Japanese have attacked Russian cruiser without declaration of war. Blow has been put from - for a corner. But those who has attacked on "Varangian" on January, 27th, 1904, not all have come back home … Many of the attacking were lost from retaliation of "Varangian".

And that's it in such day Buteyko was born! He was born in Ukraine. In the Chernigov area. In village Ivanitsy. In a simple country family. His father and mother were simple rural workers. And Kostja since the childhood has got used to work on the earth. Why Dr. Buteyko has decided to become the doctor? The scientist spoke so:

- I since the childhood was surprised with comparison of my grandmother with doctors in white dressing gowns. The grandmother was the usual peasant. Any medical institutes did not finish. But she treated people grasses and infusions. And patients recovered! And the diplomaed physicians treated sick of chemical tablets. Also could not cure them …

Usually after the given phrase the scientist added:
- And here I have reflected. Why so occurs? Means not everything is all right in our medicine …

So the scientist spoke on this theme. But nevertheless he has gone not at once to medicine. Has left secondary school. Has then arrived in polytechnical institute in the city of Kharkov. On road faculty. In youth of Buteyko very much it would be desirable to study the car device … Dr. Buteyko the whole year has studied in Kharkov. Has finished the first course of road faculty. Also has had time to study a car structure probably better those students who have finished already on three courses of study … Nevertheless Buteyko was allocated from lump. The insistence and persistence on achievement of the knowledge necessary to him.

He, probably, would go and on the second year of road faculty. But … but war with fascists has begun! 22 June 1941 year Gitler Germany has attacked Soviet Union. Friends of Buteyko on study have directed in a military registration and enlistment office. Dr. Buteyko has gone together with them. At first his did not take on war. To him after all 18 years … were not executed yet. But Buteyko has achieved the aime. Also has passed the big war from the beginning and up to the end. He ordered a motorcade of Ministry of Health.

Here we already observe Dr. Buteyko approach to medicine! Yes. He still supervises over drivers. But where? In a medical motorcade!! That young Buteyko has seen in the war, has sunk down to it in soul. And he was again convinced that doctors no means always can rescue the patient!! Certainly. In the war there was a specificity. It were unusual patients. It were seriously injured young soldiers. But nevertheless essential lacks of official medicine were appreciable even in terrible front conditions. Yes! Doctors made feats in the war. They did not move a step from wounded fighters. But the medicine obviously needed the big changes. And after war Dr. Buteyko any more did not deliberate! In 1946 he has arrived in the First Moscow medical institute of a name of Ivan Mihajlovich Setchenov.

- I have decided to study a structure of the person also as I have studied the car motor, - the scientist spoke about it. - I did not like narrow specialisation in medicine, - adding he.
- When one doctor treats a heel, another an ear and a throat, the third liver … then patient will not cure!, - the future author of Great Discovery confirmed
-The person it is necessary to treat COMPLETELY! And I have gone to medicine to struggle with this narrow specialisation. I wanted to turn traditional medicine. It after all stood on a head … I wanted to put it on feet.

So the author of a method of strong-willed liquidation of deep breathing spoke to me! And these words accurately show intentions of young Buteyko. He did not want to exhaust illness of people in a chronic condition. He wanted to cure the sick person COMPLETELY. Difference of the Genius from usual mediocrrity also consists in it.

On it, dear televiewers, we will finish display of the second series of a serial: «Great Medical Discovery of scientist Konstantin Buteyko». In the third series we will continue a theme of the early biography of Buteyko. And, probably, we will reach the moment of a fulfilment of the same Discovery.

Once again I remind. The Buteyko breathing method is outwardly enough simple. Have sat down directly. Have relaxed. Also we breathe superficially. Here how I now show it to you. Look at me.

Simply? Outwardly very simply. But, if you want to become healthy people you even should study in it long at the experienced educator. Here after all there are many underwater reeves … And the biography and the life way of the scientist should be known well. Without it you cannot change the sick thinking to thinking of the healthy person. As spoke Buteyko - «Will suffice already to clean a rectum! Give clean at last a head »!!

And to clean thinking in a head, it is necessary to know life and destiny of the scientist in details! And where still you can learn today it in detail? Except, as at his nearest pupils…

Continuation follows! | Part III: Discovery fulfilment!

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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