Part III: Discovery fulfilment

The Great Discovery of Buteyko Breathing Method

Part III: «Discovery fulfilment!»

Sergei Altukhov Dear our readers. With you again Sergey Altukhov. I am the leader and the producer of the given documentary serial film «Great Medical Discovery of scientist Konstantin Buteyko. I am of Dr. Buteyko pupil with the work experience in movement of Buteyko already whole quarter of the century. Has written the documentary novel-trilogy «Doctor Buteyko Discovery». I am diplomaed Buteko educator .

So the-third series. It is called: «Continuation of the early biography of Dr. Buteyko. The Discovery fulfillment!»

In the second series we have stopped on that moment when young 23 years Buteyjko has arrived in medical institute in Moscow. There was it in post-war 1946. War with fascists has just died down. Moscow has not recovered yet from military wounds.

Dr. Buteyko strong undertook study. I repeat. He has come to medical institute not only simply to receive the diploma about higher education. He has come to turn medicine from a head on feet. According to young Buteyko the medicine which tries to treat people only by means of tablets, stands not on feet.. It stands on a head … Very quickly institute teachers have noticed the diligent pupil. Konstantin have chosen the head of a course. It is a great honour. Even the head of one educational group – this is already considerable trust to the person. And the head of the whole course …

Dr. Buteyko spent in scientific medical library long hours. For such diligence to him even have allowed to be engaged in a hall for teachers. Still! Young Buteyko by volley read such medical books, which else even highly experienced professors did not open …. Бутейко personally knifed this new, still by nobody read … scientific volumes! It is a lot of he has had time to read then. Including very rare book J.S Haldane and J.G. Priestley "Breathing". The state publishing house has let out it in 1937 in small circulation. Only five thousand copies. But it was that book, without which young student Buteyko could not manage in any way!

Buteyko was just the student. And at once could not realise completely all value of this book for the future. But already at its first perusal Dr. Buteyko has understood that in the book very big sense is hidden. So about breathing still nobody wrote … Completely sense of the book became clear to the young physician in 1952. After a fulfilment by him of Grandiose Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing. I will show you directly here - in a film this rare book. Here is it. I am it in the hands. Hardly you can ever see and read it. But remember - scientist Konstantin Buteyko has made Great Discovery not for no reason!

In vain enemies of Buteyko shout that at his Opening of Illnesses of Deep Breathing are not present, say, … a sufficient theoretical substantiation. It is!! Moreover what solid! Here this book lies in the base of this theoretical substantiation of Discovery. And it to you not any thin booklet of unknown authors … It is the thick scientific volume almost on five hundred pages of the text! And scientific - physiologists Haldane and Priestley are widely known in England. And in all scientific world. However, till now opponents continue to throw mud at a light name of Buteyko. But never they mention names of Haldane and Priestley …

Dear our televiewers. Think of this obviously inconsistent fact. If Konstantin Buteyko doctrine is naked profanation … Then why there are sacred and spotless by anything scientific names of Haldane and Priestley?... Whether tells this fact about the return?! Namely … that Konstantin Buteyko doctrine is absolutely proved! Simply its opponents are afraid to oppose scientists with world names. After all Haldane and Priestley those, certainly, are.

Yes. Certainly! They have not made in the book "Breathing" a concrete conclusion that deep breathing of the person bears to it absolute harm … Such words they have not written. But they have mentioned in the work such facts, which COMPLETELY!!, the given conclusion confirm!!!

Long students study at medical institute. The whole six years. Also Konstantin Buteyko as much studied. But here the spring of 1952 has come. Moscow has become covered by fresh greens of trees. Young doctors should leave walls of native institute. Them sent in different cities and settlements. Doctors in the country did not suffice … But to the honours pupil of study and the head of a course Konstantin Buteyko to go anywhere from Moscow it was not necessary. How many students dreamt to be late in Moscow! They were ready to be arranged on any post … if only not to leave capital. Konstantin Buteyko of what such did not dream. He simply furiously studied all these years. And his have noticed. Also have left directly in Moscow. Have invited in postgraduate study. Yes there is nobody has got! And to the well-known academician Tareev!! At this time academician Evgenie Mihajlovich Tareev supervised over chair of therapy of the First Moscow Medical Institute. It was the well-known scientist at that time! The winner of the Lenin award. The winner of two State awards. The honoured worker of a science and technics. Later he becomes also the Hero of Socialist Work!! So young Buteyko has got to that postgraduate study where his very many companions … dreamt to get. Dreamed, but could not.

And everything, like, developed perfectly for the young scientist. Moscow. Postgraduate study. Ahead brilliant future. But here with this future business has appeared under the big question. In 1952 to Konstantin Buteyko was only 29 years. And to live to him, seemingly, remained less than one year … Front sleepless nights. Student's sleepless nights at books and tasks. All it has undermined Dr. Buteyko health. Attacks of a mad blood pressure tortured the young man. Pressure 9during attacs) rose to 270 on 180 … To him have put the terrible diagnosis - a malignant hypertension!!

And this dreadful disease did not know mercy! It carried away in a tomb the of a victim literally within one year. And cure this illness anybody could not in the world …

Here so the destiny of the scientist at that point in time has disposed. But Buteyko was not going to surrender. He searched for an exit! And he has found it!! Has found on watch in clinic at Pokrovsk gate. In the night from the seventh on eighth for October, of 1952. It was usual watch. Dr. Buteyko made evening detour of patients on chambers. Near to him there were beautiful students of a third year education. They enthusiastically observed, how the young post-graduate student unmistakably put diagnoses to the patients.

How at us now the doctor puts diagnoses? He will examine the patient. Will hear to him by means of an ear trumpet. Then takes his analyses. But also even after that very often the diagnosis put with the big errors. Academician Evgenie Mihajlovich Tareev learnt the post-graduate students to make the diagnosis for two-three minutes. As soon as the patient has entered to the doctor into an office. And to make the diagnosis thus it is faultless!

At Dr. Buteyko so it turned out almost always! And he has become famous for it in clinic. Also was and that evening. On October, 7th, 1952. Buteyko in the face of students - probationers were put already many by faultless diagnoses. He defined illness of the patient on one only to a sight at the patient. And suddenly! There was suddenly the extremely annoying for Dr. Buteyko an error!!

On a wide hospital corridor there was a strong young guy in a hospital pyjamas. Dr. Buteyko knew this patient. Knew that he was the sportsman. Weight-lifter. Remembered even that him called Valera. But Buteyko has forgotten, than he was ill …. The patient came nearer to group of students which surrounded Buteyko. He breathed awfully deeply! Swallowed air by an open mouth literally. Dr. Buteyko has looked at students. And loudly declared. - Here to you, dear probationers, is a typical example of a bronchial asthma! You see, how this asthmatic deeply breathes… Buteyko has pointed by the hand towards the patient approaching to them. - At him from deep breathing even edges of a hospital pyjamas are wayving…, - were added by Dr. Buteyko.

Girls with adoration have looked at the instructor. They admired by his ability quickly to put exact diagnoses. The patient has noticed this admiration. Also did not begin to deny at girls the diagnosis of the doctor. He has simply bent more close to Buteyko. And have told to him some words in whisper… But that it were for words!! The patient has told the following: «Excuse, the doctor. But you were mistaken. At me is not an asthma. At me is a malignant hypertension …»

At Dr. Buteyko even the back has reddened with shame under a white dressing gown. He did not experience such discomfiture for a long time. Could not distinguish at the patient own illness!! He after all himself suffered from a malignant hypertension …. After such discomfiture Dr. Buteyko could not remain among students - of probationers any more. He needed to retire and consider that has occurred. He has apologised before girls. Also has risen on the third floor - in the hospital physician room.

Yes! To Dr. Buteyko it was very inconvenient before students. He was burnt down simply with shame for the error. But this nervous shock has played very big and positive role. The young scientist has started to reflect feverishly about himself. Why? Why this patient breathed so deeply how breathe only sick of an asthma?! And after all at this patient is not an asthma. He suffers from a malignant hypertension. How so? Buteyko rubed a head. The asthma and hypertension are considered as absolutely different illnesses. They are described in different textbooks. Also treat in their by absolutely different ways … Try to treat more truly. But from this it turns out nothing. And suddenly, these different illnesses have such powerful general sign - Deep Breathing!!

Dr. Buteyko at this thought as with a lightning has shined. And what, if this all are not different illnesses … If it is the same illness. It - also is called Illness of Deep Breathing!! And an asthma and a hypertension, a stenocardia (yes, probably, and not only they …) it is only different symptoms of the same Illness! Illnesses of Deep Breathing!! Grandiose Medical Discovery has been made. It was the beginning of the Buteyko Breathing Method creation. Literally in a few minutes … But that it has occurred, Dr. Buteyko needed to sit six years over textbooks in medical library. To him needed to become the honours pupil of study at medical institute. Both still … And still to become on a threshold of death from a malignant hypertension!

When all it has developed in a single whole, here then in some minutes in his ingenious brain Ingenious Discovery has flashed dazzling light really! Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing!!

On it, dear our readers, we will finish the third series.

Continuation follows! | Part IV: Doctors-murderers...

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