Part IV: Doctors-murderers…

The Great Discovery of Buteyko Breathing Method

Part IV: «Doctors-murderers…»

Sergei Altukhov Dear our readers. With you again Sergey Altukhov. I am the leader and the producer of the given documentary serial film «Great Medical Discovery of scientist Konstantin Buteyko. I am Dr. Buteyko pupil with the work experience in movement of Buteyko already whole quarter of the century. Has written the documentary novel-trilogy «Discovery of doctor Buteyko». I am diplomaed Buteyko breathing educator.

So - the fourth series. It is called: «Doctors-murderers»

In the third series we have stopped on that moment when Konstantin Buteyko has made the Grandiose Medical Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing. There was it in the night from the seventh on eighth, for October of 1952.

I once again want to explain to televiewers very much an important point. Many of you search only for practice of the Buteyko Breathing Method. Search display of concrete respiratory exercises. And the big error of these patients consists in it! The Buteyko breathing method is not respiratory gymnastics!! In no event. It is a new way of life. And new thinking of patients. Only comprehension of this fact will give the chance to the patient cardinally!., to improve the health. Cardinally!!

And to understand this new way of life and new thinking it is possible only, having studied all vital and scientific way of the scientist. Then you can acquire those thoughts and reasonings which have led to his conclusion about harm of deep breath! And, when you will understand a course of these thoughts then there will be also a change of your sick thinking with new-healthy thinking. And these new - healthy thoughts will pull you to health literally! Better any exercises.

That's it therefore I also have conceived to make a multiseries documentary film on story creation of Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing and a Buteyko breathing method! The Serial film. That you could without hurrying up to get into each detail of a course of life of the great scientist. After all he has devoted the life to this Discovery and the Method. Has devoted that you could improve the health!! This life anywhere still in detail is not described. There is only an information separated on thin brochures. And here the biography of creation of Discovery and the Method in the big format while is not present. I want to meet this annoying lack.

Look a serial film. Read on a site its film book. There all text of this serial is resulted. And you will see, how detailed details from scientific life of the scientist by a rope will lift your health from a chasm of sick thinking! And one naked practical trainings cannot give you of hundred percent of health. At the best they will give fifty. But unless second half of percents is not necessary to you?

Naked trainings are given in mine «the Classical practical textbook on a Buteyko breathing method.». There are only three series of a video-film. You can always order them on our sites. But it will be only a small part of the help to your health. Complex studying of a heritage of the great scientist can render the full help only!

Let's continue our story. When young Buteyko has understood that for thought upon him has dawned, he first was frightened. It seemed to him that he simply goes mad. How is it so? Medical coryphaeuses of the whole world … chorus assert that deep breathing is useful extraodinarily!! That it bears to a human body oxygen. And it, say, gives only advantage. And here any unknown to anybody in general post-graduate student suddenly will declare that all academicians from medicine awfully are mistaken awfully. What the deep breathing not only does not give advantage … More that – it gives terribly harms to the person.

Exactly deep breathing causes both an asthma, and a hypertension, and a stenocardia! And, probably, still the whole heap of illnesses. Dr. Buteyko even has shaken by a head what to drive away from himself so seditious thoughts. Otherwise as madness he could not explain these thoughts. But nevertheless inquisitive mind of the scientist has forced him to spend some experiences there and then directly.

If deep breathing is valid so harms, it can be checked up there and then. Dr. Buteyko has solved about himself.

Time just already started to pass for a midnight. And for the endured excitements of this evening the head of Buteyko began to be ill. He felt coming nearer attack of a hypertension. Pressure gauging has shown 270 on 180. Heart has become constant visitor. The head has begun to spin. There was a sharp pain in the right kidney. Dr. Buteyko has nearly put a hand in a pocket for habitual tablets. But here has sharply drawn aside it. Here! Here it is an instant of check of his Discovery!! What for any medicines? If the reason of an attack of a hypertension is covered in deep breathing …

As the scientist explained much later at his lectures, the Buteyko breathing method was born almost instantly. For any three - four minutes. Also that is interesting. Then - for many long years Dr. Buteyko practically has not brought in an essence of a method of any basic changes. Separate small details were finished only. And the method has been invented for three - four minutes. And all! Therefore Buteyko the next years very much was perplexed - why patients even after ten days of employment on a method often had questions to the educator… To Dr. Buteyko it was required less than five minutes on creation and development of method.

What it is possible to answer this point in question now. Only one-deep breathing too besots people. And they hardly can understand that is quite obvious. Buteyko did not begin to resort to tablets for pressure decline. He simply has taken seat in an armchair more conveniently. Has relaxed as much as possible. Also has considerably reduced depth of breathing. The effect has surpassed all his expectations!!! It is literally in some minutes the dizziness and a headache has disappeared. Has ceased to beat quickenedly heart. The pain in the right kidney has calmed down. Pressure has spread downwards as though from reception of strong hypotensive preparations. It was the MIRACLE!! Miracle among night silence. For the first time the young scientist managed to remove the sharpest attack of a hypertension without any tablets and pricks!!

Here already thoughts that he, ostensibly, … goes mad, began to leave the young post-graduate student. Was born not only Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing! But the method of struggle against this monster was born also. A method of volitional elimination of deep breathing. Dr. Buteyko there and then began to improve it. Nevertheless the first time he has reduced depth of breathing very strongly… It, of course, has given the big effect. Pressure has quickly gone down. However … Was in this first experience and one very essential but. The scientist understood that long it is impossible so to breathe. The desire deeply to sigh is too great. And he has started to try different doses of reduction of depth of breathing.

One of them has quite did for him. So he could breathe long. And most main thing- after of several tests the confidence of Discovery has come. No! He has not gone mad. He has found something extraordinary important for medicine!! He after all has tried not only to reduce depth of breathing. And reduction always gave improving effect. But Buteyko has tried and to deepen breathing more strongly the usual. And there and then pressure lifting, palpitation began. And pains in the right kidney.

Having made four experiences within an hour, the scientist has approached to a window. Behind a window there was night Moscow. The first November snow has just dropped out. There was a night from the seventh for , eighth, of October 1952. Yes. During this moment Buteyko did not think any more that goes mad. As the young scientist he understood that has come across a pot of gold in medicine!! He did not understand another. During this great moment ingenious Buteyko piously believed that professors and academicians of the whole world too will be very glad to his Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing. The young scientist believed that people of a medical science live only by care of the blessing of patients. And, if his Discovery bears the blessing to patients, that these people of a medical science will in every possible way support it. Will give green light to his Discovery …

Alas. He after all for the present in a soul remained the yesterday's enthusiastic student. To him and to a head could not come that many professors and academicians of medicine have defended the dissertations and proceedings, leaning against the thesis about advantage of deep breathing!! What these the scientific stars received the big money for the high posts and posts. That Buteyko Discovery struck on financial career of many of them.

As over all academicians and professors of medicine the pharmaceutical industry towered. With its huge incomes. It generously financed professors who treat sicks by of expensive medicines. And the Buteyko breathing method from the moment of its birth was a medicinalless method … What for to drink expensive tablets? Reduce depth of breathing and you will cure an asthma, a hypertension, stenocardia without of these tablets. And professors should make now a choice. Whom must they support? Mighty financially the pharmaceutical industry. The industry which paid to them high salaries. That they prescribed to patients the tablets. Or …

Or these clever professors and the academician should side of humble origin and to whom with the unknown poor post-graduate student. And then to lose a generous feeding trough from the pharmaceutical industry … Here ingenious Buteyko did not think about it in that frosty night. And, if thought, his Genius would prompt at once to him that academicians will support tablet the industry.

But was that memorable night in October, 1952 on ways of Buteyko and one more serious obstacle. An obstacle in a way of a recognition of that unprecedented courageous Discovery. Discovery was grandiose!! It overturned many medical authorities. Ran counter to the standard line of conduct in medicine. It in general is dangerous to the pioneer at any time. But in the end of 1952 it was ten times more dangerous to the doctor in Soviet Union!! Why? Yes because just at this time in the country campaign for struggle with «doctors – wreckers» with might and main blazed. Truth-for the present still without of newspaper publicity…

The group of skilled and known physicians has been accused that they, ostensibly, have made medical plot. Wanted supposedly by wrong treatment, to ruin many members of the Soviet government. To poison them with incorrectly applied medicines. To kill by means of incorrectly appointed day regimen. Officially it has been declared a bit later. On January, 13th, 1953 in the newspaper "Truth".

But arrests of suspects went already from the beginning of 1952. And by the autumn 1952 го year all physicians in the country knew about these. Knew and were afraid for the life … Knew about it and young Buteyko. But he was still too young that to be afraid for the career. Therefore that evening and night when he has made Discovery, Dr. Buteyko did not take into account arrests of "doctors of wreckers» … Did not think that can be arrested after them! But his hospital instructor has thought of it exactly.. The assistant to chair who supervised the young post-graduate student. After all the next day in the morning Buteyko to him to the first has told about the Discovery. Here Anatoly Ivanovich also has warned him about danger threatening now to innovators. Truth it has not stopped Dr. Buteyko. He too believed in the big science.

However, the further years of his life have shown the return. No! His has not putted into prison together with «doctors - wreckers»... To him have simply shut a mouth. Anybody also did not intend to print anywhere newspaper articles about Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing. And here the author of Discovery began to subject to any persecutions. Forbade his public lectures on this theme. He could read them only in underground.

After pupils of Buteyko began to drag in psychyatrical hospitals. Very much tried to place there also Buteyko. Business «doctors - of poisoners» … have stopped in a half-year after autumn 1952го. And the arrested doctors have released. All charges against them have removed. And them have completely rehabilitated. But anybody and never has rehabilitated Buteyko later. Behind him and "glory" of mad the madman lasted. Supervising medical officials did not recognise his Discovery. And by that killed thousand patients which it could rescue!!

However that night the October, eighth, 1952 young Buteyko yet did not expect anything similar in his destiny. Dr. Buteyko has stood at a window. Has admired by the first snow. Also has gone on night round. He wanted to check up here force of the method on heavy patients.

Continuation follows!

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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