Buteyko Breathing Method

Buteyko Breathing Method - Teaches Great Buteyko The Same!

Sergei Altukhov Dear our readers. Today at us it is the seventh meeting at Buteyko fireplace will take place. It is called: «Buteyko Breathing Method - Teashes Great Buteyko The Same». With you again Seregey Altukhov. I am Buteyko-practitioner with 27 years length of service. I am the author of art-documentary trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery". I was Buteyko deputy according to information and the press in the main Siberian Buteyko breathing Centre in 1988-1991 years. For creation of the FIRST-EVER novel about Buteyko Breathing Method great Buteyko awarded me with practitioner-auditor rank! This is general rank in Buteyko movement. Only a few people in the World received such certificate. It gives the right to check correctness of teaching a method at any Buteyko-practitioner in the World! The check purpose is - to prompt mistakes and to specify the correct way of teaching Buteyko Breathing Method. Great Buteyko also issued me the GUARANTEE on conducting lessons and lectures on Buteyko Breathing Method on all the World! Here it is.

Is issued to VDBE Practitioner and Publisher,

to the effect that he is empowered with making arrangements for advocacy and introduction of the Voluntary Deep Breathing Elimination Method (VDBE by K.P. Buteyko) with the aim of public education and health improvement, including publishing literature.

The author of the VDBE Method,
Ph.D. in Medical Sciences
Academician of International Informatization Academy
Konstantin P. Buteyko

10 September 1997»

Here and it is written - WORLDWIDE. Term of activity - is WITHOUT LIMIT! As you can see I am the direct follower of the great scientist. More that is great Buteyko is mine and my son the godfather. On June 9, 1990 he and his right hand Klara Lagunova (the best methodologist of the World!) christened me and my son in the main church of Novosibirsk. Here is photo of that day. On it you see Klara (she is the best Buteyko practitioner of the World!) and my wife Lyudmila Sokolskaya with our child on hands. We just left the baptizery. The scientist Buteyko just went by the car on the urgent telecast.

I know a lot of things about Buteyko Breathing! I was one of very close associates of the great scientist. But not I will tell about Buteyko breathing to you today … Great Buteyko himself will tell about of his method!

Now we will be had on 18 years ago. You will see the MOST RARE frames of my interview to Buteyko at the end of January, 1998. In the Novosibirsk. These are UNIQUE SHOTS! I apologize for a low sound and some hindrances. Passed 18 years since then. Buteyko speaks in Russian. But I wanted that he was heard by the WHOLE WORLD!

There was not the professional translator. After all it is not conference. This is celebration of 75ears old of the great Buteyko. And I try myself to translate into English of the words of the scientist about of his great Discovery. And about of Buteyko Breathing. It seems, anything special. Buteyko says that his method can rescue mankind from of the death! But what force is concluded in these words of the Genius! Peer at his face. Be filled with respect for the Genius!! And it will help you to overcome your illness by means of Buteyko breathing! Receive the HIGHEST BELIEF from these DOCUMENTARY shots!

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel «Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery»
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the «Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method» is open.
Video: "Buteyko Breathing - TEACHES GREAT BUTEYKO THE SAME!"
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