Doctor Buteyko Discovery Trilogy

Doctor Buteyko Discovery Trilogy

The First Volume. Part I

"The Destruction of the Laboratory"
(1960 - 1968)


The First Volume Dear our readers! This book tells about the Greatest Medical Discovery of the second and third millenium. About Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing! It was made in October, 1952, in Russian City Moscow by young scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko.

There was last half-year Stalin's boards. That autumn of 1952 was heavy for medicine of Soviet Union. Preparation for process of doctors-poisoners … Any is non-standard conceiving doctor was with might and main developed could declare the enemy of the people. And to send to concentration camp.

Already many famous scientific physicians of those years sat in prisons. To them were going bring accusation in attempt of a poisoning of outstanding figures of Communist party … With such conditions any infringement of office medical instructions could to result on a dock. And young - twenty nine years old post-graduate student-physician Konstantin Buteyko’s Discovery not only broke the standard medical sights and instructions! It simply overturned all modern medicine.

All over the world then (and now) a hypertension, a stenocardia, an asthma and e.t.ctr treated (tried to treat) including deep breathing more truly! The pier does not suffice patients some oxygen. It is necessary to them to breathe more deeply. To ventilate lungs!

And here in the night from the seventh for eighth of October, 1952 twenty nine years old post-graduate student Buteyko makes Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing! Also confirms, what exactly it-deep breathing of the patient - is the Main reason of an asthma, hypertension, stenocardia, arrhythmia, a female pathology and 115 more basic illnesses of our civilisation!

Discovery of Doctor Buteyko asserted that the one who breathes deeply, - cannot be the healthy person! At him is if still while implicit it is temporary concealed illnesses! Such conclusion of the young scientist declared patients the most part of the population of mother Earth … And Konstantin has made this Grandiose Discovery not sometime! He has made it during a disturbing Stalin time of preparation of process of doctors-poisoners …

Even the Teacher and the instructor of the post-graduate student could not support his. Though academician Evgeny Tareev was in good repute at Stalin. The teacher of post-graduate student Buteyko had a rank - the Hero of Socialist Work. But even the Hero could not go against World authorities. And they amicably asserted that deep breathing-is useful!

This book long reached English-speaking readers. Truthful scientists are necessary to nobody in this World. Buteyko Breathing Method - it is medicinalless a method! And it treats or seriously facilitates 115 basic illnesses of Mankind.

Ask acquaintances – what people know about Buteyko Breathing? In the answer you will hear-almost know nothing… At the best heard that the Buteyko Breathing treats an asthma! And as a hypertension. A stenocardia, female tumours? And in any way!!! Go only to the drugstore. Also buy only medicines… Medicines - it is first aid. And medicines all life force to accept us. Also translate a sharp phase of illness in the chronic!

Here in our site we publish only a few heads of this rare book. The Buteyko Breathing cannot be studied under books and instructions! Buteyko said that his method can be mastered only under control of the skilled methodologist! On a Course. Our Video-Course of Training to the Buteyko Breathing Method enters as well the full electronic version of this book.

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Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
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Sergey Altukhov

Introduction by The Author of the Buteyko Breathing Method

The authopr of Buteyko breathing method method When we are concerned in our health we especially like the truth.,. Can we consider the facts described here to be the truth? Undoubtedly!! For the prototype of doctor Buteyko is the famous Siberian scientist Konstantin Buteyko. He is more than a real figure... But his life and the destiny of his greatest discovery are so difficult and tra¬gical that we ought to write about it with blood» Everything described here is the truth, Nevertheless, it is an art-documentary novel. That's why I have a favour to ask of those who bear a drudge against us not to take the most annoying things as referring to themselves. The artistic value always implicates a certain imagination. The names of persons guilty of the consealing from people of the unique discovery of the deep breathing diseases and the Buteyko Breathing Method worked out on its base are not called.

For more than 3 years - since October 1952 till September 1985 the official medicine ignored my discovery. They did their best to crush, to destruct the strongest weapon in the struggle with many modern diseases. They called me a charlatan and a schizophrenic, a mad idiot and so one Three times they attempted to poison me о Twice they arranged an automobile accident. Several times they attempted to put me into a phychiatrical clinic. They physically destructed my laboratory, while there are no ana¬logous ones anywhere in the world. And all that because I have found a key factor by means of which a person may get rid of a heap of tablets, avoid very difficult and far from being safe surgical operations!

And it is the very thing the pharmacology is held up by! Thousands of surgeons get the State Prizes. The question is what's easier: to admit the discovery and to reduce one's share or to declare the author to be a pseudo-scientist?! The second way is easier (and more advantageous)... Nowadays there are many changes. But even now those who simply ran down the Buteyko Breathing Method before zealously push the Jinnee" into a bottle out of which he had nearly gone. The discovery seemed to be admitted. But that's a trifle. A little reserve has slipped in the decision. They say the method cures only asthma and even then in a mild case... That's instead of 150 diseases constituting my list having been created for decades of medical practice!

Well, one disease in thirty years - in five millenniums they will admit everything. But it may turn out, that nobody is to be cured. Nevertheless, for you who suffer from principal disea¬ses named in this considerably reduced list mentioned below I announce that they may be cured by means of my method! All to an illness!!! One needn't cry about a panacea. It's for persons of a little education. How can we call it a panacea when the list includes some tens of diseases and modern medicine numbers about thirty thousand ones.

A small, insignificant part. But they are the most widespread ones! That's just the point. I'll vouch for every line with my life. But only for those who will believe that the method is the only deliverance for him. They why hope for all sorts of massages, needle pricking yoga are better not to set about the method. It helps only its absolute adherents.

Not because there's something of hypnosis or another kind of suggestion, as my opponents allege. No, the method is absolutely physiological! But half-belief is always more dreadful than unbelief.

Yes, today, just now and not in five thousand years (when it will be possible but too late) being in full con¬sciousness and in full possession of my faculties I contend that my discovery of "the deep breathing diseases" turns the whole modern medicine upside-down! I contend. Today! I know! I swear on my mother memory. It can make the mankind healthy. If somebody corrects his breathing but not gets rid of even one of the enumerated illnesses let him come to me and cut off my right hand the list is written with. But if he gets rid of them let him think how to thank those who kept the healing from him for many years. Really and truly they are worthy of thanks. My dear academicians...

The author of the Discovery of "The Deep Breathing Diseases"
The author of the Buteyko Breathing Method
Professor Konstantin P. Buteyko



"In this minibus they’ll finish me off" - doctor Buteyko attempted to deffect the accompanior’s handfor the last time. "Take your seat, Konstantin, what’s the matter!" - the assistant Mootin awkwardly pushed him closer to the car. Pat and shortish, he hardly reached shoulder of the doctor who was as smart and slender as a boy at his 38.

"But where to sit" - Buteyko motioned to the hardly visible in a midnight May darkness round shouldered driver having gone out of the car. "He may intend to drive not to the city hospital at all".

"After all, I’ve said I’11 take you there", the driver gave a rather muffled cough, averting his face which was all the same almost invisible in the closed darkness.

The doctor helplessly (maybe, for the last time) glanced over a poor lightened at that late hour railway station square. The minibus stopped as if it was premeditated far from a small wet from a recent spring rain area of asphalt enveloped in a weak light of a street lamp.

Suddenly Buteyko remembered everything quite distinctly. That it is just the 15th of May today - the end of the term of his suppositional murder announced by himself. And that it was to happen most likely in so unloved by him Novosibirsk, which hasn’t become close to him at all»

The foreboding tallied exactly. Without any fraud. Just on the 14th of April at a daily morning conference he declared to the workers of the functional diagnostics laboratory which was under his direction that most probably he would soon pass away.

"... Maybe I haven’t even a month at my disposal," - added tousled after a sleepless night Buteyko to the his colleagues... "I know that the official medicine won*! forgive me for my discovery. Or rather it’s "best" representatives.." He said then a whole speech. And the workers of the laboratory listened to it. And how did they! In essence nobody dared to interrupt properly if not to take into account two or three purely formal women’t exclamations at the very beginning.

Those half-hundred assistants with doctor’s smocks who listened to him in that morning knew well how the drug-traders deals with pioneers. And there was a forcible reason to make short work of Buteyko! His discovery so narrowed the range of using of a surgical scalpel and doomed to long lying at drug-stores such a supply of the most scarce drugs that any reprisal with the culprit, wouldn’t seem a great pay.

Of course, his speech couldn’t be published anywhere. Such things are not said aloud. Aloud they struggle for health of people... But they who were present at the conference were rather well informed about that how at times heads of the true fighters fly off.

"... I ask you," - Buteyko raised his clenched fist. "Write down in the most detailed way what you should have to do yourselves in the cause of my death". The collaborators wrote it down. Efficiently, seriously, with great inner strain. One could like or dislike Buteyko as a person but there needed be no doubt that his discovery of the deep breathing diseases turned the whole modern medicine upside-down. Up to now nobody in the world could in essence cure a patient of asthma. And Buteyko at once managed both asthma and tens of not less serious and sometimes much more grave illnesses. Among them are diabetes, hypertension, heart ischemia, spinal tuberculosis...

Why did he blurt out then the monthly term till they attempt upon his life - probably the doctor himself could hardly explain properly. Buteyko possessed a gift of prevision. It’s the exact fact. His many predictions and forecasts frightened his associates - they came true very often. But the monthly term escaped him somehow by itself. Though there undoubtedly were certain causes to substantiate so short period of time given him by his destiny. For example the fact that two times already he felt terribly sick after dinners in the hospital dinning-hall together with the assistant Moontin. Being a doctor Buteyko understood clearly that for anybody else such dinners would lead to the only diagnosis: a sudden death as a result of an acute food-poisoning. Just this they would write down in their clinic. Only this с The chief simply wouldn't allow another variant. He wouldn't allow it even if a potassium cyanide ampule was found in a plate with soup. But obviously they mixed into Buteyko's food something else - not so clearly definable by an examination. Though what an examination might be when something concerned him. They would sign to anything!

But they who poisoned him (including Mootin) didn't know one thing - a man on the method couldn't be easily poisoned. An organism trained by the method of volitional elimination of deep breathing has a tremendously strengthened, in comparision with an usual one, protection against all sorts of such tricks. And the chief didn't know it. But even when he didn't know, before the poisoning he attempted to get rid of Buteyko in a more gentle but usually having so smooth effect in solving medical internecine dissensions way - to send the unruly person to a psychiatrical clinic.

What a great number of daring pioneers has become lost there! For example take Ignaz Zimmelweis, a grievously famous obstetrician-ecologist of the last century who ^ was persecuted by surgeons. The chief is a surgeon, by the way, and he knows well how the masters of scalpel have made short work of their foe. They put him into a psychiatrical clinic and there without any obstacles did away with him by means of "tranquillizating" injections. And nobody can find fault with theme Once upon a time there lived Ignaz Zimmelweis, but "unfortunately" he passed away, poor thing...

And not so a great sin (in comparison with present medical squabbles) was down in the poor fellow^ name о Не only asked surgeons to wash their hands before an operation. It might be as well to do it with bleaching powder. It seemed there was nothing to be ashamed of in that - to wash one’s hands before getting into a patient’s abdomen».

But - nothing of the kind! The Jesuits with scalpels didn't want to need the voice in the wilderness. During 13 years scoundrels like academician Brown persecuted him for the kind proposal and they solved at least the unequal argumentation by putting the lover of cleanness and neatness into the same company with madmen.

True, Ignaz asked the surgeons to wash their hands not only because he liked neatness. Then in clinics all over the world women in childbirth often died from blood poisoning (septicaemia). They interpreted it variously: the moon rose in a wrong way during the childbirth, a priest prayed out of time. And suddenly a friend of Zimmelweis who made a post-mortem examination of a woman who died of sepsis, died himself. But the friend didn’t»! give birth to a baby!» True, he had a little cut at his right arm during the dissection» Then Zimmelweis declared the existence of a putrid poison (ptomaine). And so that they who made post-mortems wouldn’t»! carry a feasible infection he tearfully entreated them to wash and to disinfect their hands.

But it seemed to be blasphemous for the academicians like Brown» Why on earth should it be when everywhere they wash hands only after finishing the cutting process and he demands doing it before!.о In 20 years after Zimmelweis's declaration (and even after his death) his follower appeared - professor Lister» Truly, he suggested not bleaching powder but carbolic acid as a mean of disinfection» But even for the carbolic acid they persecuted him till the very death» It took about 50 years to prove the evident truth. And umbrellas helped to do it, though it seems strange» Usual umbrellas using in the rain..» The relatives of an operating patient began to strike the surgeons who havenт! washed. their hands before the operation over their heads with umbrellas!»

Yes.. the chief certainly knew about long-suffering Zimmelweis’s fate» That’s why at first he decided to send Buteyko without sophistry along the blazed trail.

But times have slightly changed. The second half of the 20th century at least differed a little from the first half of the T9th one о Thus the first variant with a psychiatrical clinic turned out a failure for the chief. Buteyko knew why. He knew. but held his tongue.

Then it was Mooting turn. The fact that the assistant has been appointed to him specially by the chief wasn’t a particular secret for the doctor. They were settled in a room for two. They diligently brought them together on business and not on business. But they haven’t become close friends. Whitish, wide-opened, always watering Andrei 's eyes for some reason always aroused in Buteyko’s mind a kind of involuntary inner irritation» And even his obligingness with respect to cooking a morning breakfast (at times they fed themselves with nothing but potatoes and herring as bachelors, using their, time sparingly) and a late supper seemed the doctor to be excessively lusciosus and obstrusive. And what is more, Buteyko always remembered that Mootin was the chief’s man. And the "surgeon of the God himself" (as somebody of the subordinates called their common chief behind his back with not inconsiderable irony) wouldn't send a good man to him.

The doctor understood it. But he was obliged to endure Mootin. At the last time, when his relations with the chief had become aggravated to the limit, Buteyko just physically felt that the assistant became extremely dangerous for him.

What is more, the sickness and retching after some dinners together with the "colleague"... The surgeon has rated everything exactly» Mootin will either do away with the adversary or (in the last resort) ruin his valuable apparatus. Because it was Andrei who adjusted the apparatus at the laboratory. Buteyko had no doubt that the chief would be ready to do anything. Their last serious talk completely rejected any doubts. They talked firmly. A heart-to-heart talk, as it is called. And the chief^ heart opened to him its most veiled side!...

Today, what Lermontov had said, "now... there wasn’t any space on the Earth for two of them indeed". On the Earth that seemed so large and kind… There was lack of space... And it came, the day of reckoning. Buteyko saw Mootin exciting oneself that day on any trifle. Now he scolded the unfit instruments, now the builders who delayed putting into operation the building at which their laboratory soon was to be transferred. But most probably he was disturbed by the words of recently awaken doctor, as if he flung it by chance in the early morning in their small room: "Andrei , it seems to me that I'll not outlast this day". Having said that Buteyko didn’t even take into account that the monthly term of his suppositional death set by himself has been elapsing.

Simply nightmares that harassed him all the night’s made itselves felt. But Andrei gave a jump as if something had stung him. "You don»! say so! Oh, but what's the cause! Bless your heart, no!" And he somehow pitifully and guiltily began to blink with his whitish, as if faded, eyes» They were getting to Academic-town where the new premises has been building for them by an official bus.

They just managed to carry out the experiments planned at that day in a just built clinic connected with their one. They watched the work on completion of the building intended for them and make up their mind to return back.

Little by little Konstantin became to forget about his morning remark. But in the middle of the way, just next to a railway station and double track Inya the bus suddenly broke. Certainly, it might be a quite natural breakage. But during the prolonged repairs Buteyko had time to notice that Mootin as if because of idleness several times for some purpose or other came up to a driver messing about with the engine and told something just into his ear, after that the driver dived inside the bus for a long time again.

To say more, the assistant repeatedly absented himself to the station on a plausible pretext. As far back as then an idea flashed across the doctor’s mind: didn’t he ring anybody up? And when night began to fall - appreciably Mootin made him go to the station. They took one of the last trains^ and got in Novosibirsk at about midnight. A half-darkened railway station square was found to be practically deserted. There wasn’t a single taxi - as ill luck would have it. Only a sombre minibus which seemed not green but black to the doctor stood as if it had been waiting for somebody.

"... There you’11 feel more comfortable," - Mootin drove the doctor off the back door of the car and flung the front door open» "After all, he knows it, he scoundrel! Knows well that I always take the back seat," - Buteyko felt like small hammers began to beat at his temples. "Never mind, I'll not yield to them so simply," - the doctor bitterly threw himself to the front seat. "They intend to play an American variant of a car smash, they villains. Well, well!.."

He heard Andrei making himself comfortable behind, inconsistenly repeating something under his breath. The driver swearing unnaturally loud while starting the engine. "Cheap plagiarists!" - something began to boil inside Buteyko. "They can Ч either create something new in science, or kill a man creatively. Bare, hardened forever lifeless copies and imitation everywhere. Mootin most likely rejoices there behind," - Buteyko slightly turned his face to the assistant puffing in the twilight of the saloon. "I should think so! He did shove me contrary to my habit in a front seat and not in a back one! I^s too early for him to rejoice. The doctor frowned and assumed his former posture.

"The new gains just because nobody knows about it. And copies are known to many people.,. For sure they have taken into account that I never rest against anything in a car: neither hands nor legs. I keep them freely, weakened, I usually cross my hands on my breast... But it's usually, my boys". Buteyko imperceptibly stretched his legs and set them firra.ly against the sloping bottom of the car. Looking sideways at the shaggy-beared driver with a crumpled leather cap who turned the kindling key over and over he demonstratively crossed his hands on the breast.

"It's too early. I mustn't alarm them. When he had gathers speed a little - then..." Buteyko thought worked very distinctly. "To outplay them! I must outplay them. Outplay at any cost".

He had counted an American variant of a premeditated accident long in advance. There were causes... They seat their victim in front next to a driver, speed up a car to 30-40 miles per hour and - bang! An "unexpected" strike against a "suddenly appeared" obstacle in the middle of the road. Of course, unexpected for the victim destined for immolation.

Everything has been thought-out to details, purely in business-like fashion. At a such speed the warned (and bribed as well...) driver would come off unhurt. Firstly, he would be saved by the steering-wheel playing to the role of a buffer. Secondly, he would have time to summon his strength and to strain his muscles.

But the victim... The victim, hot suspecting anything (and, of course, not resting against anything at that not so high speed), as if to order right away from the strike and the sharp braking would be thrown out of the seat by the force of inertia, go through the frontal glass and smash his skull well against the very "unexpected" obstacle..

And after that magnificent funeral would be. Heart-rending speeches by the organizers of the accident. Vermilion wreaths at the head of the mound. An accident. You сап1! help it, my boys....

The minibus grumbled loudly and started with a jerk. The round-shouldered figure of the driver literally stood stock-still of the repressed strain. The leather cap slipped sideways. But its owner seemed not to make up his mind to set it straight.

"With the Lord, Konstantin!" - Buteyko crossed himself at heart and quietly, trying not to draw their attention, put his arms on the metal handle at the front side advancing before him.

The car made a momentum circle in the railway station square and shot up to a side street. Konstantin had time to feel with his back that Mooting hot fingers convulsively grasped the back of his seat, "He dreads too, brute!" - though the doctor and that time a sharp strike of the car against something large and very hard raised him from his seat and the inexorable force of inertia literally threw him at the frontal glass.

Continuation follows!

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