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hest Pain: The Urgent life-saving Method for Each One

heartache treatment Often on streets of the big city it is possible to see such picture. The elderly woman with a shopping bag in hands suddenly grabbed heart

Big and noisy city. The flow of people aspires in a distance as the river. But at the elderly person heart pricked. And the woman remembered at once that everything in this World is not eternal Including human life

Just this elderly woman hurried in grocery store. Wanted to buy a little potato and vegetables. Wanted to prepare in the house a tasty dish. Fifty seven years are not an old age. It is blossoming of creative vital power. Time when rough youth already consigned to the past. And senile decrepitude did not come yet It is possible to live and live

But here at you suddenly pricked and painfully heart clenched! And you for a moment felt that the brink of a precipice is absolutely nearby That your heart motor not so eternal. And, if not to give him urgent help now The motor can stop. And then the tasty lunch will already become for you absolutely indifferent

How to give himself urgent help in that case?

It is possible to swallow a tablet if it is in your handbag. It is possible to try to call the ambulance by phone. But she can not be in time And sore heart will not wait But there is also other exit. Which always is near you! Tablets can not be in your handbag. The ambulance can get to a traffic jam on the road. And this way out is always found together with you

It is only necessary to reach several steps the next bench. To sit down on on it. To relax. To close a mouth. And to cease to breathe deeply! It seems strange. To you, it seems, does not gasp. There is a wish to swallow of air widely opened mouth But you should not do it! The Great scientist Buteyko proved that heartaches arise from deeply breath!

You have to close a mouth. To calm down. And to begin to breathe superficially. At first it will be difficult to be made. You already choke. But already in a couple of minutes it will become easier for you! And you with relief will feel that your heart does not give an acute pain any more It calms down together with you. Also begins to work trouble-free And solar paints will begin to shine around you the bright light again!

What has happened? Who helped you at this difficult and dangerous moment?

You were helped by a wonderful, medicineless Buteyko Breathing Method. Method of strong-willed elimination of deep breath. Dangerous deep breath created deficiency of carbon dioxide in your organism! And deficiency of carbon dioxide causes a warm spasm! There are heartaches. You reduced breath depth. Also carbonic acid in an organism raised level. Carbon dioxide cleaned your warm spasm. And you had not to call the ambulance.

If you dont want that harmful deep breath killed your heart that you should master a classical Buteyko Method.

The method is not too difficult. When your breath became normal - you will feel how there passes the headache. Heart calms down. As you just look younger with each superficial breath.

Pleasantly? Well of course it is pleasant. Give together properly we will study a curative, medicineless Buteyko Breathing Method. And your heart quietly will work still long time.

How To Learn The Buteyko Breathing Method?
Registration for training to the Buteyko Breathing Method with reception of The Practical Video-Course of the Buteyko Breathing Method is opened.
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Twice diplomaed Buteyko breathing method educator.
The senior educator - the inspector of Buteyko breathing method.
The author of the trilogy Doctor Buteykos Discovery.
Sergey Altukhov.

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