Painless Childbirth

Painless Childbirth with Buteyko Breathing Method

Painless ChildbirthThe birth of the child is a sacred event in each family. For what, as a matter of fact, the family is also established? For the birth of children first of all… If the family does not carry out this function, then it is already unfortunate family.

And, if carries out, but… But childbirth was very difficult! Painful. The child was born in terrible shouts of the woman in labor … Whereas?

And then, as a rule, the child is born sick! And diseases begin to accompany his from the first Birthday! Whether it is good for a family? The sick child - that can be more sad for his parents … Mother goes from one doctor to another. At the child is asthma, diabetes, allergy.

Diseases demand a heap of expensive drugs. And any does not help… The child chokes at night. Sugar in blood it is constant above norm… To put it briefly, life of a family becomes the real nightmare!

And, if to consider other picture. Future mother long before childbirth was trained in Buteyko Breathing Method. And she passed in advance from the harmful and dangerous deep breath on normal-physiological breath!

What then will occur? Then there will be a real miracle. In this case childbirth will proceed without usual tortures and sufferings! Mother of the child will not feel heavy pain! Trainings by Buteyko Breathing will save up precious carbon dioxide in mother's organism…

We got used to consider this gas harmful. Like, it on the contrary should be deleted from an organism… Only oxygen is useful! But here the great secret of the nature is also covered! Thousands of years scientists could not solve this secret… It was solved by the young scientific physician Konstantin Buteyko in 1952!

It turned out that the organism of mother will receive enough oxygen only under one condition… If in an organism of mother there are 6,5 percent of content of carbon dioxide!

But usually we breathe deeply. At each deep exhalation excessively leaves CO2 out of organism. And instead of 6,5% of CO2 mother of the child has only 3,76% of CO2… Only a half from physiological norm!

Mother lacks CO2. And it is the calming gas! At its deficiency all nerves of mother are strained. Are excited. She worries before childbirth. And heavy suffers at the time of birth!

If mother masters Buteyko Breathing Method in advance, then childbirth will take place without pain! And mother will give birth to the healthy and happy child!

But the truth about the medicineless Buteyko Method (a method of strong-willed elimination of deep breath) disappears from mothers those who sell expensive drugs…

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the "Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method" is open.
Video: "Buteyko Breathing Method - HOW TO LEARN IT?"
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