COVID-19 and The Buteyko Breathing: Prospects for prevention and relief

covid-19 preventionAs a respiratory and Buteyko Breathing specialist, I regularly receive questions from patients. They ask me: «How can you reduce your risk of contracting respiratory infections, especially Сoronavirus?» Is it possible to alleviate the situation in this case using the Buteyko Method?

Has to make a reservation at once. To speak even about prevention, it is necessary to make concrete scientific research. Such researches are expensive and time consuming. And therefore, at the moment, they have not been fulfilled.

But I in this case want to remember a story with epidemic of "incurable" AIDS. And here the fact that I was a direct eyewitness of those milestone, old events is useful… After all I am a Buteyko practitioner even since 1988 year…

Then In 1990 year - thirty years ago nobody in the World couldn’t thought that Buteyko Method is quite capable (along with other preventive measures) to participate in prevention of a disease of AIDS. And even partly to facilitate course already the happened disease. Such thought was allowed by nobody!

Institute of GromashevskyHowever, in April of 1991 at Epidemiological Institute of Gromashevsky (Kiev City, Ukraine) took place an official state approbation of The Buteyko Breathing on AIDS-patients. I was present at this brilliant successful approbation personally. My Ukrainian companion by the Buteyko movement (the experienced therapist of Kiev Railway Hospital and Buteyko practitioner) Vladimir Novoselov conducted it. I talked with AIDS-patients after Buteyko classes. All of them unanimously said that… That let it is also impossible to call Buteyko Method a universal panacea. But it at least removed from them threat from fast death in case of any complication in the form of the same flu… The Method granted them a temporary delay.

How is this possible? Because AIDS practically deprives the patient of immunity. And such a patient can die even from a mild cold.

The Buteyko Breathing Method increases immunity! And therefore grants a delay from of death though for a few years… And during this time will create stronger (than now) vaccines. Patients have a prospect.

Of course then 30 years flying ago Buteyko Method had a lot of conservative ill-wishers. The «Evening Kiev» newspaper published data of successful Buteyko approbation in two languages. And this article was repeated by the international Ukraine newspaper – «Komsomol Banner»… All the same reactionaries from science tried to become silent these publications.

Concerning a new coronavirus it is possible to tell one. Yes, there are no full prospective researches of coronavirus-prevention by the Buteyko Method yet. This is a very expensive and long study. But there is a conducted basic research during lifetime of K.P. Buteyko! Kiev research has proven - Buteyko Breathing Method increases immunity! People with reduced immunity get sick more easily with coronavirus. Such people carry the disease in a severe form.

Therefore the person, which studied Buteyko Method (in advance), will give to his organism an excess chance of possible prevention (and relief of the disease) of new coronavirus infection. Of course, it is not a panacea… Of course, together with another applied in the preventive purposes means.

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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