Why does diabetes mellitus develop?

Diabetes is not a sentence to Insulin Dependency

сахарный диабетDiabetes mellitus is a disease caused entirely by the deep metabolic disorder in your body, mainly with disturbance of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. But how did so deep metabolic disorders, responsible for the development of diabetes mellitus, happen?

In 1952, the Soviet scientists, Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, made a breakthrough discovery in medicine – he brought together the results of the research carried out by the most prominent physiologists over the last 100 years and proved the primary role played by the excessive depth of human breathing in the development of diabetes mellitus, as well as in a number of diseases due to metabolic disorder. You can say, “But I do not breathe deeply, I breathe normally”. Here occurs the generally accepted substitution of concepts. A few years of the parametric studies on the relationship between the breathing criteria and abnormal changes in a human body enabled Dr. K.P. Buteyko to prove irrefutably that the only type of breathing, which corresponds to the natural normal human physiology (and hence to the level of health), is nothing but shallow breathing which has the specific minute and residual values. At a later time, Dr. K.P. Buteyko defended his thesis. Nearly every contemporary human is used to disregarding the depth of his/her breathing from the very childhood. Therefore, for many people the excessive depth of breathing has grown into an abnormal habit. People have simply got used to taking care of their diet being aware that eating much is bad, but at the same time they pay no attention to the major life support function – their own breathing.

How can the excessive depth of breathing lead to the development of diabetes mellitus? The depth of breathing, for years exceeding the natural normal physiology, results in a decreased blood content of carbon dioxide, its excessive washing out of the body. The major physiological role of carbon dioxide as one of the main metabolic regulators was discovered and experimentally proved as far back as at the end of XIX century by the most prominent physiologists Holden, Priestly, Verigo and Bohr.

  1. Decreased carbon dioxide content of your blood leads to acid-base imbalance and disturbance of oxidizing and reduction processes.
  2. Acid-base imbalance and accumulation of under-oxidized metabolites will inevitably lead to disordered activity of practically all enzymes and vitamins, which won’t be able to act normally under these conditions.
  3. A natural body response to deep metabolic disorders is the development of chronic stress condition, and hence the depression of functions of all organs and systems in the body.
  4. On the one hand, when your body is under stress, it leads to the reflexive depression of basal insulin secretion but on the other hand, the decreased sugar release form depots occur, thus resulting in the development of hyperglycemia and insulin insufficiency.

Therefore, the excessively deep breathing triggers a whole cascade of abnormal processes, leading over the lapse of time toward the severe metabolic disorder and, eventually, to the development of diabetes mellitus, as well as the associated arterial hypertension and metabolic obesity..

Taking into account the process of developing diabetes mellitus, theoretically substantiated by the works of the greatest physiologists of the XIX-XX centuries, it becomes evident that in order to restore insulin production and reduce the blood glucose level, it is necessary, first of all, to put an end to the long-term metabolic stress due to the metabolic disorder. One great cause of so severe metabolic disorder is the chronically increased depth of breathing. Therefore, bringing the depth of breathing to the natural normal physiology of your body will gradually lead to restoration of metabolic processes and the body will recover from the stress, thus resetting conditions for proper functioning endocrine system and insulin production.

How is it possible to normalize your breathing? In 1952, Dr. Buteyko laid foundations for the concept of the impact of deep breathing upon the development of the diseases related to deep metabolic disorders. At that very period of time, he worked out a special complex of daily breathing exercises, aimed at gradual normalization of the patient’s depth of breathing – the so-called Buteyko Breathing Method. The undeniable advantage of the technique lies in the fact that it does not require application of medicines but makes for improved outcomes of the treatment when used along with medications and hormonal therapy. Years of research, thousands of trained patients and the tremendous results obtained led to the formal admission of the Buteyko Breathing Method by the USSR Ministry of Public Health on April 30, 1985.

In 1990-1991, by order of the Deputy Minister of the USSR Public Health A.A. Baranov, approval tests of the technique were carried out in patients with severe insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes mellitus at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, which proved high efficiency of the Buteyko Breathing Method in the treatment of this type of pathology. Being applied as a part of the combination therapy, the technique enabled patients with a long history of diabetes mellitus to reduce the dose of daily consumed insulin in half within the first six months, thus preventing the risk of severe complications of the hormone substitution therapy and total pancreatic atrophy. The use of the drug-free Buteyko Method in the therapy of diabetes mellitus becomes of paramount importance, especially when speaking about treating children, as well as the patients with moderately increased glycemia level, since in this case it offers the chance to preserve health and avoid application of hormonal agents.

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