Diabetes treatment with drug-free Buteyko Breathing

Diabetes is not a sentence to Insulin Dependency

diabetes Diabetes is a disease, entirely and completely caused by deep metabolic disorder in your organism, with primary frustration of an exchange of carbohydrates and fats. But how there were so deep violations in a metabolism which led to development of diabetes?

In 1952 the Soviet scientific doctor Konstantin Buteyko made The Revolutionary Discovery in the field of medicine - having aggregated researches of the best-known physiologists for the last 100 years, he proved a paramount role of the increased depth of breath of the person in development of diabetes, and also a number of the diseases caused by a metabolic disorder. You can tell - "but I do not breathe deeply, I breathe normally". In this place also there is the standard substitution of concepts. For some years of parametrical research of interrelation of criteria of breath of the person with development of pathological changes in hi eat to muchs organism by doctor Buteyko it was incontestably proved - the only type of breath meeting natural physiological standard for the person (so and to a state of health) exclusively superficial breath having known values of minute and residual volume is.

Further doctor K.P.Buteyko protected dissertation work. Practically each modern person got used not to pay any attention to depth of the breath therefore the excessive depth of breath became a pathological habit of very many people since the childhood. People simply got used to watch the food and know that to eat very much is harmfully, and thus not to pay any attention to the most important function of life support - own breath.

How the increased depth of breath can lead to development of diabetes? If depth of your breath exceeds natural physiological norm for many years, there is a decrease in concentration of carbon dioxide in blood - its excessive washing away from an organism. The most important physiological role of carbon dioxide as one of the main regulators of a metabolism it is open and experimentally proved at the end of the XIX century by the most famous scientists-physiologists Haldane, Priestley, Verigo and Bohr.

  • Decrease in concentration of carbon dioxide in your blood involves violation of acid-alkaline balance and disorder of oxidation-reduction processes.
  • Violation of acid-alkaline balance, accumulation of underoxidized products of a metabolism inevitably leads to activity violation practically of all enzymes and vitamins which normal activity is impossible in the created conditions.
  • Natural reaction of an organism to deep violations in a metabolism is - development of a chronic stressful state, so oppression of function of all bodies and systems in an organism.
  • When your organism falls into a stressful state, there is a reflex oppression of bazalny secretion of insulin on the one hand and increase of release of sugars from depot on the other hand - is result development of a hyper glycemic state and insulin insufficiency.

Thus, at excessively deep breath you unconsciously start the whole cascade of pathological processes leading over time to a deep metabolic disorder, and eventually, to development of diabetes and often of the arterial hypertension and metabolic obesity accompanying it.

Considering the development of diabetes evidence-based by works of the most great physiologists of the 19-20th century becomes obvious that to restore secretion of insulin and to lower glucose level in blood it is necessary to stop first of all the long-term metabolic stress connected with the broken metabolism. The main reason of so deep metabolic disorder - chronically increased breath depth. Therefore, having led breath depth to natural physiological norm for your organism, gradually there will be a restoration of exchange processes, the organism will leave a condition of a stress, so, conditions for adequate work of endocrine system and production of insulin will be restored.

How to normalize your breathing?

The founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method In 1952 doctor Buteyko laid the foundation of the concept of influence of deep breath on development of the diseases caused by exchange violations. Then he methodically developed the special cycle of daily respiratory trainings directed to gradual reduction of depth of breath of the patient to natural physiological norm for his organism – Buteyko Breathing Method. Indisputable advantage of a method consists that it does not demand application of drugs, and also allows to achieve considerable improvement of efficiency of treatment when using in a complex with medicinal treatment and hormonal therapy. Years of researches, thousands of trained patients who received enormous results led to official recognition of a method of Buteyko by the Ministry of Health of the USSR on April 30, 1985.

In 1990-1991 from an order of the deputy minister of health care of the USSR A.A. Baranov on the basis of the Central Clinical Hospital of Siberian office of Academy of Sciences of the USSR was carried out approbation of a method on heavy insulin - dependent patients with diabetes of the first type, which showed high efficiency of Buteyko breathing in treatment of this type of pathology. Application of a method as a part of the combined therapy allowed heavy sick diabetes with the long-term anamnesis already in the first half of the year of occupations twice to lower a dosage of the consumed daily insulin, so, to avoid risk of the hardest complications of replacement hormonal therapy and a total atrophy of a pancreas. Application of a medicineless Buteyko Breathing Method in therapy of diabetes gains paramount value especially in case it is about treatment of children, and also patients with moderate increase of blood glucose level - in this case it is an opportunity to keep health and to avoid application of hormonal preparations.

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The Godson of K.P.Buteyko
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How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the "Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method" is open.
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