Heartache: How to prevent vascular accident?

heartache treatment For anybody is not a secret that high arterial pressure is pernicious for the person. Chronically current hypertensive illness has a number of vital "target organs" for defeat. Heart, in which as a result a heart attack of myocardium develops. A brain in which there is a stroke. Vessels of kidneys and heavy renal failure. Arteries of large and average caliber in which development of aneurisms and hemorrhages is possible. And, at last, vessels of a retina of eyes and, as a result, the progressing deterioration in sight and a blindness. Apparently, in an organism there is practically no body which the high pressure would lay aside.

Certainly, one of deadly and therefore most important complications of a hypertension is the myocardial infarction. Frequency of deaths in case of a sharp heart attack reaches 30%.

How the high pressure can lead to a heart attack?

The elevated pressure existing for long years results in wear of a wall of vessels - it grows coarse and becomes covered by multiple microdamages. Damaged wall of vessels becomes most vulnerable for deposits of cholesterol on it. All this leads to progressive narrowing of arteries. Including the most gentle vessels and the sensitive to decrease in a blood-groove, feeding our heart. Diameter of coronary arteries is small, and even a easy narrowing of a gleam considerably affects blood supply of heart. If the person for years does not control the way of life, food, arterial pressure - sooner or later it leads to critical decrease in the blood-groove arriving to heart. Considerable deposits of cholesterol in the form of "plaques" on all vascular network creates the high threat of a separation of blood clots and immediate obstruction of coronary arteries. All this also makes the reason of an acute shortage of blood supply of a cardiac muscle and, as a result, dying off of its sites. There is a sharp myocardial infarction conducting the person to an invalidization, or posing direct threat of his life.

How to suspect the happened heart attack?

The heart attack has a huge variety of forms in which it can proceed. The most classical is the painful form. At this form there are pains in a thorax which proceed more than half an hour. These pains can "irradiate" to a shoulder, a hand, a neck, a face, a shovel and a back. Pain can be from sharp, dagger and intolerant, to long pressing or burning down. A distinctive symptom of cardiac pains at a heart attack is that they do not pass after nitroglycerine reception.

At elderly people 75 years are more senior also the form of a heart attack at which pains are absent at all can meet. Such form is very dangerous, because of late diagnostics the maximum volume of defeat of a cardiac muscle develops that quite often has the heaviest outcome.

What it is better - to treat or prevent?

Certainly, in case of already happened myocardial infarction, observed signs, it is necessary to call immediately the ambulance and to pass all complex of urgent medical actions. However, analyzing all above, it becomes obvious that it is impossible to wait for the heart attack, or to think that in your case the high pressure will not bring to it.

Just as also gross violation of food, smoking, regular alcohol intake - the uncured high pressure even if you do not feel it, bears deadly harm. So, why to start the disease to such an extent at which help will be given only by reanimation? Why to bring themselves to a state at which figures of pressure are so uncontrollable and high that it is necessary to drink hypotensive tablets by handfuls?

More than 60 years there is an opportunity to lower a high pressure, to lead its value to physiological norm without the aid of tablets. The Great Soviet Scientist K.P. Buteyko in 1952 established direct interrelation of our breath with our arterial pressure. He developed the whole system of respiratory trainings which at regular application lead to essential pressure decrease. The scientist devoted the life to that each of us could live without high pressure and tablets.

Head physician of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
The Godson of K.P.Buteyko
MD (Neurology, Osteopathy)
Dr. Konstantin S. Altukhov

How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the "Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method" is open.
Video: "Buteyko Breathing Method - HOW TO LEARN IT?"
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