Holistic health theory by Dr. Buteyko: Why are we sick?!

Doctor ButeykoDiscovery of diseases of deep breathing is grandiose medical Discovery of the millennium. Also it is thought that not one millennium… Because the atmosphere of Earth changes slowly. And not one thousand years. And the content of carbon dioxide in an atmosphere of Earth went down even millions of years.

The author of Discovery of diseases of deep breathing is the scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko. He was born in Ukraine. In 1923 year. In the village of Ivannitsa. And since the childhood he observed such facts as effectiveness of folk remedies in treatment of the person.

The scientist said that he repeatedly witnessed cases when the registered pills from of a hard disease gave insignificant effect. And here his grandmother treated for the same disease herbs. It was quite successful.

It was remembered since the childhood. Literally was engraved in the memory. But first these thoughts did not lead to desire to devote life to medicine. To fight against serious illnesses of our civilization. Before the War with fascists Konstantin Buteyko joined on road faculty of the Kharkiv polytechnical institute.

And by June, of 1942 year he already became second-year student. And here War burst... Konstantin with friends voluntarily was in a military registration and enlistment office. As the student of the autoroad faculty him was sent to a motorcade of medical battalion. And he ordered it until the end of War. Transported wounded soldiers from the front far away to the back. On treatment. Blood and tortures human saw enough excessively…

And these sufferings of wounded led him to a thought to enter after war in the Medical institute. And in 1946 year Konstantin Buteyko entered in the First Moscow medical institute.

Later the scientist told that he wanted not just to become the ordinary doctor… Such and without him was much. But Konstantin Buteyko strongly did not accept everywhere division of doctors into a long line of any medical specialties!

One doctor treats only teeth. Another treats only an ear, a throat and a nose… The third treats only urology. And where is the doctor who treats the patient entirely?! From the head to legs. In pre-revolutionary Russia the doctor (especially in the village) treated all! Not only one ear of the patient. Or his throat and nose… And all patient from an ear to heels…

holistic healthTherefore the young medical student set as the purpose to study at medical institute and to treat then (subsequently) all person completely. As he treated at the front (repaired) the car. In total - completely. To the last small screw. Also studied the car so that only on knock of the motor could tell where specifically there is a malfunction at this car…

Konstantin Buteyko wanted to achieve just the same perfection also at even fluent survey of the patient.

Orientation of a thought on the solution of a specific objective made one's own the business. Buteyko not just graduated from the medical institute. He finished it with honors! Gained the diploma with honors. And the place in a capital postgraduate study of the famous Russian academician Tareev.

And in the night of the seventh on the 8 for October, 1952 year on watch in hospital at the Pokrovsky Gates (in Moscow) Buteyko made Discovery! Such grandiose that it furnished to him the clue to treatment of all person completely just at once! Once and for all.

Buteyko found out what personalized and deep breathing does the person (all - completely) to patients. In total at once - from the head to heels. And, if to think up a method which will reduce breathing depth, then … Then this method will treat all person at once. And not just his ear, throat or nose!

In the same memorable night Konstantin Buteyko also developed of his the tremendous Buteyko Breathing Method. Medicineless method of strong-willed elimination of deep breathing.

Method, which (let and in a complex with drugs) cured or strongly facilitated… A set of diseases at once. Include bronchial asthma, hypertension, ischemic disease, female diseases, renal diseases… (check the full list of diseases) At once - a set of diseases. At one stroke!

It was really tremendous Discovery. And really ingenious method.

But representatives of old medical school did not want to treat – all at once.

They wanted to treat only the patient's heel. Or his nose. Or only his heart…

And there was obviously no wish to treat the person entirely him. It is simpler to deal with one heel. Here and theses it is possible to protect the whole heap. On treatment of a heel… And to spit that there will happen at the person at the same time, say, to the same head. It is much above a heel. And to treat the head of the patient is already a task of other doctor. But not that which treats the patient's heel…

Therefore representatives of the old (only calcaneal) medical school still… do not meet ingenious Discovery of diseases of deep breathing (and Buteyko Breathing Method) by an applause and flowers!

Yes. Buteyko achieved the objective. Found a confidential key to treatment of all patient. But… Here let Buteyko himself also treats by the his method all patient completely at once.

And division of doctors calcaneal, ENT specialists, oculists etc … It, both was, and remained.

Whether it is good - for us? Probably, - it is not absolutely good. But only on us depends, to wish properly that new in medicine nevertheless could press old and become obsolete.

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Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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