How To Cure Asthma in Child Without Hormones?

Sergei AltukhovDear our readers! With you again Sergey Altuhov – Buteyko-practitioner with 27 years length of service.

You look for on Buteyko breathing exercises in internet. With what purpose? Most likely because your child had respiratory disease. Bronchitis or Asthma - here is that, what torments your children. Surprising affair! Buteyko breathing exercises - is frequent inquiry on the Internet. People type these three words. But they not always clearly imagine what these words mean …

Mothers already so long conduct the children on doctors … Tried all most expensive drugs, hormones, antibiotics. But bronchitis and asthma DO NOT RECEDE!! And here - after long circulations on hospitals mother suddenly hears words: buteyko breathing exercises. She grabs for them, as drowning man clutches at straw… She waits from them for rescue. Hope it is always good! Always.

But it is better when you clearly understand - for what you hope. Buteyko breathing exercises can cure of asthma your children. Approximately so told mother those who wanted to help her. But mother of the sick child for the present does not understand why some there … Buteyko breathing exercises … will be able to rescue her child from of terrible asthma. Same is not wonderful medicine? These are only some exercises …

We consider that mother has to understand the main point well. Rescue not some there gymnastic, breathing exercises! Rescues from asthma the Great Medical Discovery of the ingenious scientist-physiologist Buteyko! This is Discovery of Diseases of Deep Breath. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko proved that the main reason of asthma is a DEEP BREATH of the child. Not cold and not sport! The main cause is DEEP BREATH…

But medicinal traders does not need the MEDICINELESS method of Buteyko!... They should sell the expensive chemical tablets… Therefore the MEDICINELESS method of strong-willed elimination of deep breath does not advertize ANY the channel on television.

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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