Bronchitis: How to escape from Antibiotics?

bronchitis More than 60 years ago the Soviet doctor and the physiologist Konstantin Buteyko scientifically proved that - the excessive depth of breath of the patient is the main reason for development of a bronchoobstructive syndrome. For many years in Buteyko laboratory made parametrical research of respiratory function and studying of connection of depth of breath with existence of a bronchoobstructive syndrome. It was revealed that more than 95% of the patients having chronic bronchitis have the breath depth surpassing physiological norm for an organism. The breath depth (hyperventilation of lungs) increased for many years leads to excessive washing away from an organism of the major regulator of a tone of a wall of a bronchial tree and process of saturation of fabrics by oxygen - carbon dioxide. Gradually it leads to decrease in percentage of carbon dioxide in blood and starts the cascade of pathological reflex reactions of an organism. In essence the bronchoobstructive syndrome is reflex protective reaction to excessive washing away from an organism of carbon dioxide owing to the increased breath depth. To keep constancy of gas composition of blood, the organism creates an obstacle to excessive outflow of carbonic acid by means of a number of mechanisms. So, with the breath depth increased for a long time:

  1. Secretory activity of glands of a bronchial tree increases, accumulation of excessive quantities of a secret of mucous creates reduces passability of airways
  2. At excessive loss of carbon dioxide there is a spasm reflex of arterial vessels, and expansion of venous vessels of a mucous membrane of a bronchial tube that attracts to narrowing of a gleam of channels of a bronchial tree, so difficulty of breath
  3. Carbon dioxide is a natural relaxing muscles substance. At decrease in concentration of carbon dioxide in blood below physiological norm there is a development of a spasm of smooth muscles of a bronchial tree that leads to narrowing of a gleam of bronchial tubes and even more aggravates respiratory insufficiency

Set of the stated protective mechanisms of an organism from the excessive depth of breath also makes a basis of pathogenesis of a bronchoobstructive syndrome. If pulmonary hyperventilation remains for many years, at the patient chronic bronchitis develops.

Today many patients possess a lack of information on importance of respiratory process. Practically each person knows that overconsumption of food is harmful, however the attention is practically not paid to depth of the breath making an activity basis. As showed numerous Buteyko researches many patients having chronic bronchitis more than ten years had no idea that depth of their breath considerably differs from natural physiological norm and leads to development of a disease.

How it is possible to cure chronic bronchitis? To cure bronchitis it is necessary to remove the cause of emergence bronchospasm - chronic hyperventilation of lungs. Elimination of excessive depth of breath, reduction it to the known physiological norm naturally will remove protective reaction to leak of carbon dioxide. There will be a relaxation of spastic muscles of a bronchial tree, decrease in secretion of mucous membranes - normal bronchial passability will be restored, so, also the difficulty at breath will disappear.

How it is possible to normalize breath depth? The author of discovery of diseases of deep breath is Buteyko, leaning on huge experimental material, developed the special cycle of respiratory trainings directed to gradual normalization of breath of the patient – Buteyko Breathing Method. Its high efficiency, safety and lack of medicinal loading at treatment became advantages of the developed method.

For the last 60 years Buteyko Breathing Method allowed thousands of patients with chronic bronchitis to lead breath to natural physiological norm, to completely eliminate the bronchoobstructive phenomenon and to remove medicinal loading from the carried-out therapy.

How to normalize your breathing?

The founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method In 1952 the Soviet scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko made revolutionary discovery in the field of medicine - Discovery of deep breathing diseases. On its basis he developed a cycle of special respiratory trainings which allows to restore healthy normal breath. As practice of thousands of patients who passed through Buteyko's Centre showed - normalization of breath in itself forever relieves of need for drugs of patients with initial degrees of a disease. In the heavy, started cases breath becomes the huge help allowing to rescue together with medicinal therapy an organism from unceasing progress of an illness.

The regular control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner is necessary to reach significant result in treatment with Buteyko Breathing Method. Attempts independently to normalize breath, using materials of unchecked sources, at best do not bring result. It is necessary to understand that breath - is the vital function of an organism. Statement of healthy physiological breath bears huge advantage, the wrong breath bears huge harm to health.

If you wish to normalize your breath - submit the application for passing the correspondence Course of Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet. Occupations take place under control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner that allows to reach necessary result in treatment of a disease.

Head physician of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
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The Godson of K.P.Buteyko
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Dr. Konstantin S. Altukhov

How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the "Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method" is open.
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