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How To Lower Blood Pressure with drug-free Buteyko Breathing?

Sergei Altukhov Dear our readers! Today the Arterial Hypertension reminds us Middle Ages pandemics. Then plague and cholera killed millions of people. In our educated century millions of people are killed by a high blood pressure! Only plague and cholera killed patients quickly … And the high blood pressure kills patients with years. How to lower blood pressure? This question excites thousands of people today.

They heard a little that the Buteyko Breathing rescues from of asthma without drugs. And here that it rescues and from a high blood pressure, the very few heard. But all the same them thousands are already gained. And they want to know - how to lower blood pressure by Buteyko Breathing Method.

And affair here in what consists. You breathe deeply. It is natural that after a deep breath there is also a deep exhalation!! And this excessively deep exhalation excessively deletes carbon dioxide from of your organism. It, of course, should be deleted. But it is necessary to delete it in norm!

Then you in alveoli of lungs will have a NORMAL maintenance of CO2. Such which is necessary for your health. The healthy person in norma has to have 6,5% of CO2. But you breathe deeply. And you still have only 3,74% of CO2. That is - a half from norm of the healthy person …

Lower than 3,5% of CO2 come DEATH! The organism shouts: "The person, what you do?" Also starts narrowing arteries for what to reduce leakage of CO2. And the spasm of arteries lifts pressure! Therefore no drugs that can cure your high blood pressure … After all any medicine deepens your breath even more …

How to lower blood pressure by Buteyko Breathing Method? The medicineless Buteyko Breathing Method will lead your deep breath to more superficial. To physiological NORM. It will help you to save up CO2. Your arteries will cease to be narrowed. And pressure will start going down! It is absolutely easy. To sit 10 minutes in Buteyko Breathing Method. Here so. Of course, there are many subtleties and training details.

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

How can one get trained in the Buteyko Breathing?

Signing up for training in Buteyko Breathing Method with receiving the "Practical Video Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method" is open.
Video: "Buteyko Breathing Method - HOW TO LEARN IT?"
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