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Hypertension Treatment with drug-free Buteyko Breathing

Why Drugs Are Poweless?

drugs are powerlessModern sources provide the boundless volume of information for the sick person. About treatment of a hypertension huge medical textbooks are written. Materials of scientific conferences are constantly published. There are reviews of new and new hypotensive preparations. The huge sites on the Internet and even the whole portals are devoted to a hypertension. Medicinal methods, physioprocedures, folk remedies, herbs, broths and even plots. Against all this information the sick person is simply lost. To understand, than to treat a hypertension it becomes absolutely impossible.

What to do if pressure started disturbing? Whether it is possible to suffer and not to treat so far? Whether it is worth self-medicating? What methods work? What do not work? What prospects of treatment of a hypertension at the therapist? Whether it is possible to keep pressure under control and not to drink a tablet byhandfuls? - all this is only the tenth part of the most important questions arising at the patient with a hypertension. But whether the patient on them here can find the answer …

As a rule, we have no in the house even the device for measurement of arterial pressure. And it is valid to what it if in it there is no need. Quite so the overwhelming part of patients with a hypertension lives with high blood pressure up to 40 years. Periodic headaches, weight in a nape, people write off weakness, fatigue for overloads at work during of the years. Unfortunately, in most cases the reason of all these indispositions - already developed hypertension of an initial stage. Stages reversible and giving in to effective treatment. But, as a rule, learns about existence of a hypertension of people only at emergence of hypertensive crises or the heavy indisposition demanding the medicamentous help. And the revealed hypertension is diagnosed for the first time. However, it is already hypertension of the started, average or heavy stage. This disease which already managed to do physical harm practically to all vitals and systems of an organism.

For this reason when the person learns from the doctor about a hypertension, at the same time he learns and about existence of obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes, problems with kidneys. So the person who for years suffered an indisposition, was not treated and considered himself in general healthy there is the owner of the whole bouquet a decompensated of the chronic diseases demanding of urgent treatment.

medicamentous treatment of a hypertensionCertainly, the first initiative is clear - the patient addresses to the doctor. Also receives the list of preparations which need to be bought and daily to accept for control of pressure. Everything begins with one-two preparations in the minimum dosage. However, soon it becomes clear that pressure poorly goes down and often reaches high figures. The patient registers in a repeated appointment where the increase in dosages of the accepted preparations is made. But within literally several years the situation repeats again and again. So gradually the dose of hypotensive preparations reaches the most admissible value. Instead of one-two preparations, sick every day drinks already three-four types of tablets. And it only from pressure.

Medicinal loading steadily grows. With each meal of tablets it is more than food. But whether it is possible to tell, what the hypertension is cured, what pressure does not increase any more? At all not. "Working" and "habitual" the patient is already compelled to consider pressure 140 that in itself is the diagnosis for the healthy person and demands treatment. Everything also exists fatigue and weakness. All accompanying hypertensions of defeat of an internal did not get to anywhere. Besides - the liver even more often starts attracting attention.

What to do is farther? Tens different hypotensive preparations and their combinations are already touched. Doses maximum. And pressure is all the same unstable. So the person for the first time in life faces border of opportunities of medicinal medicine. The patient follows the help in the Internet, in search of alternative ways of treatment of a hypertension. The Internet resources are in turn crowded separate and in many respects information confusing the person.

In medical articles definitions and classifications, difficult for understanding of the patient, are given, medicamentous schemes are specified. But it is the passable stage. On other resources recipes of different broths. In addition there is a great variety of not medicinal techniques and even the electric devices directed on lowering of arterial pressure.

Let's try understand this sea of information since the beginning.

Practically in any source of information on a hypertension we are met by definition of World Health Organization: «A hypertension - is the disease of cardiovascular system which is developing owing to primary dysfunction (neurosis) of the highest the vessel-regulate of the centers and the subsequent neurohormonal and kidney mechanisms, characterized by arterial hypertension, and at the expressed stages - organic changes of kidneys, heart, the central nervous system»

From this definition it becomes clear to us that actually the reasons of developing of a hypertension are not established. Only consequences, such as increase of pressure, violation of work of an internal are known.

Our breath and heart activity are connected directly. Gases which we inhale, their volume and structure directly define nature of heart activity and a tone of blood vessels. Owing to the excessive depth of breath we lose carbon dioxide (CO2) - a natural factor of relaxation of vessels, pressure decline and saturation of bodies by oxygen. Excessively deep breath first of all disturbs heart activity, exhausts our heart and narrows vessels. It is impossible to breathe deeply and not to have problems with arterial pressure.

According to classification by WHO:

  • Normal pressure is 120/80 millimeters of mercury
  • Hypertension of I degree: 140-145/90-95
  • The hypertension of II degrees, moderated: 169-179/100-109
  • Hypertension of III degrees, heavy: 180 and more than/110 and more

The hypertension in an initial stage (a hypertension of I degree) - is reversible. And for this purpose there is no need to take a pill. By means of statement of normal physiological breath (elimination of deep breath) it is possible to return reliably and steadily pressure to norm. Unconditionally, the correct approach to a diet and the mode of work/rest is necessary. In case of the heavy hypertension with high figures of arterial pressure (II-III degrees) Buteyko's method will restore the most important satellite of heart activity - breath. So, will help to lower medicinal load of the patient in many times. Will become possible to stop the steady growth of pressure overstepping the bounds of opportunities of tablets. After all so far at the patient breath is deeply disturbed it is almost impossible to stop development of an arterial hypertension.

What preparations exist for hypertension treatment?

The main groups of preparations are presented for today:

  • B-adrenoblockers
  • Inhibitors of angiotenzin-turning enzyme (ATE)
  • Blockers of calcic channels
  • Diuretics

Treatment by hypotensive preparations temporarily removes a symptom of a hypertension - the increased arterial pressure. But at the same time creates considerable load of a liver. Already at a moderate arterial hypertension of the patient drinks more than 100 hypotensive tablets in a month. The combination of numerous medicines creates the whole complex of side effects which in itself are capable to aggravate considerably a state and to reduce quality of life.


  • Are capable to call the block of conductivity of a cardiac muscle
  • Raise blood sugar
  • Cause a spasm of respiratory muscles
  • Reduce memory
  • Reduce a potentiality
  • Are not applicable at diabetes, any conditions of a bronkhoobstruktion (asthma, bronchitis), violations of conductivity of a myocardium

ATE Inhibitors:

  • are toxic for a liver
  • influence cellular composition of blood
  • reduce concentration of the major ions of blood
  • cause cough

Blockers of calcic channels:

  • Cause shin hypostases
  • Heartbeat
  • Muscular weakness
  • Disorders of digestion
  • Lability of mentality (change of mood)
  • Are not applicable at a metabolic syndrome (the combination of an arterial hypertension, obesity and decrease in sensitivity of fabrics to insulin conducting to frustration of all types of a metabolism)


  • Cause a frequent urination
  • Remove the most important ions of blood necessary for work of heart
  • Aggravate the course of gout
  • Increase sugar level in blood
  • Break sexual function at men and women
  • Are capable to cause muscular spasms
  • Skin rashes are possible

It becomes clear that long use of one hypotensive preparation and furthermore any combination of side effects is capable to cause combinations of several. The medicinal syndrome becomes an independent associated disease at treatment of a hypertension and considerably reduces quality of life.

It is necessary to consider the whole mass of basic restrictions on application of hypotensive preparations. And it and diabetes, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, practically for all means - pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Thus, medicines have accurately designated borders of the opportunities and applicability. The main task of these preparations - temporary removal / easing of a symptom of a hypertension - an elevated pressure.

treatment of a hypertension with medicines A breath function - is the most important regulator of heart activity. If our breath owing to various reasons is far from norm, our pressure cannot be 120/80. What will be if to continue to breathe more deeply than norm and to treat a hypertension by tablets? It is obvious that we simply will not allow our pressure to return to norm steadily. Always there will be a tendency to its increase, despite any dosages and combinations of preparations.

How to normalize your breathing?

The founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method In 1952 the Soviet scientist-physiologist Konstantin Buteyko made revolutionary discovery in the field of medicine - Discovery of deep breathing diseases. On its basis he developed a cycle of special respiratory trainings which allows to restore healthy normal breath. As practice of thousands of patients who passed through Buteyko's Centre showed - normalization of breath in itself forever relieves of need for drugs of patients with initial degrees of a disease. In the heavy, started cases breath becomes the huge help allowing to rescue together with medicinal therapy an organism from unceasing progress of an illness.

The regular control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner is necessary to reach significant result in treatment with Buteyko Breathing Method. Attempts independently to normalize breath, using materials of unchecked sources, at best do not bring result. It is necessary to understand that breath - is the vital function of an organism. Statement of healthy physiological breath bears huge advantage, the wrong breath bears huge harm to health.

If you wish to normalize your breath - submit the application for passing the correspondence Course of Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet. Occupations take place under control of the skilled Buteyko-practitioner that allows to reach necessary result in treatment of a disease.

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Head physician of the Buteyko Centre,
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Dr.Konstantin Altukhov

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