Insomnia treatment: How to fall asleep without pills?

Insomnia It would seem - what simple affair - to fall asleep at night. And quietly to oversleep till the morning… What’s the problem? Same not a mathematical task to solve. Here everything is done by the nature… On the contrary! A half of people in our world can’t fall asleep at night. They turn with a side sideways. They rise to drink water. Or to smoke… Then go to bed again. But the dream does not come to them! As try.

And what means - to lie in a bed and not to fill up? It means that in the morning you’ll get up with the sore head… With bad mood. At work at you everything will fall from hands… You will constantly yawn in the afternoon. It will be noticed by your fellow workers. It will not be pleasant to your supervisor… And that the most unpleasant is that it happens to you very often! Three times a week and more….

Many people look for a simple exit. Begin to drink somnolent preparations… But such exit only seems simple. Actually fall into narcotic dependence of somnolent tablets… They destroy your organism!

It is necessary to accept them more and more! Otherwise they cease to act… It’s not an exit. It’s a narcotic trap!

Why the medicineless Buteyko Breathing Method helps from insomnia? Because it is the natural method. What is main reason of insomnia? This is your harmful deep breath! The deep breath involves a deep exhalation…

Every of your deep exhalation lead to excessive delete of curative carbon dioxide from of your organism! Yes. Of course… It also should be deleted from an organism. But! It is necessary to delete not all carbon dioxide… Six and a half percent of carbon dioxide in normal have to remain in our lungs! Six and a half percent of carbon dioxide. It is natural norm. If in an organism there are less than three and a half percent of carbon dioxide, then there occurs the death… And you breathe deeply. Instead of 6,5% of carbon dioxide you have only 3,66%… You begin to be sick! Insomnia begins to torment you.

Why it happens?

Because our life is filled with nervous stresses. These stresses every time strike a hard blow to nervous cells of a cerebral cortex. These blows exhaust a stock of endurance of nervous cells of a cerebral cortex. The tone of a cerebral cortex goes down. And the cerebral cortex cannot easily cope with experiences any more. These experiences then for a long time… Get stuck in a cerebral cortex. They form the constant center of excitement there! It is your sick point in bark of your brain. And this continuous excitement does not allow you to fall asleep!

Buteyko Breathing Method will reduce the harmful depth of your breath. Buteyko Breathing will save up carbon dioxide in your organism. And this gas calms nervous system. Also erases your sick center of excitement! And the dream will gradually come back to you again…

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"
Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre"
Sergey Altukhov

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