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How To Learn The Buteyko Breathing Method?

For today our entre carries out 10 years training to Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet. For these years more than 3 000 people without leaving the house successfully were trained, have mastered practice of a method and have achieved considerable results in treatment of their diseases. For this reason we suggest You to pass specially developed Course of the Buteyko Breathing Method by Internet.

What gives training to Buteyko Breathing by Internet?

You can already remove the most expressed symptoms of disease from the first trainings: an asthma attack, cough, a headache, and high pressure.

You reach proof improvement of a condition in 1 month of trainings under control of the skilled Buteyko-practicioner.

Considerable decrease in a dosage or full cancellation of medicines accepted by you in some months of regular trainings.

You and your family we will find a well-tried remedy for maintenance and preservation of health without tablets and operations on for the rest of the life.

Possibility to help to leave from illness and tablets to your children and native people.

For full practical development of the Buteyko Breathing Method you will not need to leave the house and to leave in holiday for trip fulfilment.

You will save more than $1,500 on travel expenses and necessity of hotel accommodation.

Having mastered a practical course, you receive 2 months of free consultations by correspondence of the Buteyko-practicioner. on any questions.

You for ever will have a full package of the materials containing the Books, Practical Instructions and Video of ALL Classical Trainings of Buteyko Breathing Method.

Your training to Buteyko Breathing will lead:

Serge Altukhov

The Director of The Centre of effective training to the Buteyko Breathing Method, diplomaed Buteyko-practicioner with the experience of work of 28 years, the author of the "Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy.

The Course Program:

I. The Theoretical part / The literature about Buteyko Method: short theory test:
You receive the electronic version of two basic editions under the theory of the Buteyko Breathing Method in English translation:
The First Volume
The first volume of the
"Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy
The Second Volume
The second volume of the
"Doctor Buteyko Discovery" trilogy

II. The Practical part / Training to Practical Trainings of Buteyko Breathing Method:

  1. Classical Training 1:
    We send you by Internet the first part of the Special profound practical course of the Buteyko Breathing Method with comments for training by Internet. You, being under complete control and advisory support of skilled Buteyko-practicioner (by correspondence), successfully master skills of the basic practical training.

  2. Classical training 2:
    After successful working off of training 1 we send you training 2 which is the following step of training. Also together with the Buteyko-practicioner (with his consultations, recommendations and councils by correspondence) You practice the given second step of practical training.

  3. Classical training 3:
    After successful mastering and fastening of two basic practical trainings on the Buteyko Breathing Method we start working off of training finishing a practical course 3.
We are glad to inform!

Since June, 5th, 2014 The Course of the Buteyko Breathing Method includes a Full Videocourse:

The classical practical text-book of Buteyko Method.

It includes the fullest and detailed demonstration of ALL THREE BASIC Classical Trainings of the Buteyko Breathing Method. And also variety of practical recommendations for work in a method.

III. Upon termination of joint development of ALL Necessary Practical Trainings we send You the plan of employment by the Buteyko Breathing Method (under control of the skilled Buteyko-practicioner) for four months.

Within two months You remain on communication with your Buteyko-practicioner and can receive free consultations on any arising questions.

The Cost of our Buteyko Breathing Method Course is: $350 USA

The Cost of Practitioner training: $3300 USA

To Register in passage of our Buteyko Breathing Method Course by Internet, simply fill the form below:


Within 1 day we will give you the necessary information for Payment of a Course and begin training


"... My Pressure already enough seldom raises for 135/90. Now since morning at me pressure is around 122-128/75-80. However, by the evening usually not more low 130/85. But it is more low approximately on 10 mm, than was earlier! If for me 130/80 it seemed a condition of the maximum relaxation and calmness now sometimes I with surprise measure the Arterial pressure 120/70. I for the 11-year-old case record something do not remember at myself such figures without medicines. Symptoms of increase of pressure have unequivocally decreased. Earlier after a supper pulse became frequent, the person reddened, weakness leant, it would be desirable to fall to a sofa and somewhat quicker to fall asleep. Pressure jumped up to 145-150/90. Now such is not present. I have now a powerful tool for struggle against illnesses Buteyko breathing and I will use the best efforts for recover... Andrey Kondrashov, Chelyabinsk"

"Hello, dear Sergey! I am Alekseeva Marina (Ukraine) more than week practically I am engaged by technique WLDB (will liquidation of deep breathing) on the first training. I think that all I do correctly as I feel perfectly well. When the first time could reduce a high pressure positive emotions overflowed me. In this time the rule of the right hand possible to remove two times a headache. Well I chew food and I eat it is a bit less, sugar in tea I do not lay down, I go to a bath, has grown thin for 3 kg. I sleep on a stomach or left to a side, at night as I do not wake up earlier, I breathe by a nose. Depth of breath becomes less. I do exercises. Very to be pleasant a pose of a snake and braider. In a pose praying breath decreases, but I not so well feel myself, most likely because of elevated pressure. Has learnt not to swallow of air in the street , and to breathe by a nose though sometimes it is necessary to go more slowly than the usual. A pause since 6 seconds now 13! For me it is a small victory! If I do something not so - write. I wait your training 2. Has understood that my health is a work. Anybody will not bring it on a saucer and any tablet will not cure illness. For all to you thanks! Yes God stores you! Your Marina."

"Hello, dear Sergey! Yesterday and the day before yesterday gymnastics did, basically it at us run, jumps as hare or as a toad; had a shower bath cool water, with an urine rubbed. And now that I think concerning employment. Daily correspondence is very important. If not your support, insistent recommendations about performance of all necessary I probably after the first cold is frightened and would cease to pour over the child and etc. Reading your letters I found confidence of that that all I do correctly and I go a correct way. Now seeing result that the child even been ill with a flu is easier it has transferred; night cough has left; at game, run already cough is easier and not such frequent I intends further to continue to carry out all your recommendations. Many thanks for your work! Yours faithfully, Maryina Anna"

Dear Sergey, good afternoon. Last night as has come from work, at feeling of an easy asthma, has made training 3, after the termination of training at once the attack has passed , there was an ease. Before a dream has once again and at once has passed to training 1, I have stayed the whole 5 minutes, before a maximum of 2 minutes held. Night has overslept deeply. Huge to you thanks. Yours faithfully, Ekaterina. Hello dear Sergey. I do not know as to make the report, therefore I will write in any form. The first training has made 4 minutes pulse to there was 92 pause 8-14, after training pulse 92 pause 9-15. For the last days training was finished to 15 minutes by Pulse has decreased to 74 blows a pause has grown in 2 times. Has in this time ceased to accept tablets, state of health good, began to sleep well. Has learnt to remove a cold and stuffy a nose. In general the method works, is not trusted at all! I had a shower bath cold water earlier, then doctors have forbidden. I think now again it is possible to begin? I wait from you the second training. Thanks you for training. Sergey.

Hello, dear Sergey! I am engaged while on three trainings while for itself has not solved on what I will be engaged these months. Answer please a question. Why I should be engaged only on one training? I feel excellently. I thank the lucky stars that has opened the Internet on the necessary page and has read about Buteyko breathing. Thanks that do the big work even if will rescue units of people is is worthy of it to shout about this great opening. I tell about this all the acquaintance, but they only grin, and do not trust, even if see mine even external changes to the best. Therefore admire before your work also I wish your of good luck. Your Marina.

Dear Sergey, hello. I want to set to you some questions. Yesterday breathed under the practical task 1. KP before the beginning-4 of second Pulse 96. After 15 mines of Kp 6 seconds Pulse 82. This morning before beginning KP 5 seconds Pulse 96. In 15 minutes KP 8 seconds Pulse 83. And the main thing - after 3 minutes in the morning at me the nose began to be cleared itself. 3 hours without any drops breathe. Though and not force. It is normal all for two employment, or I inspire to myself? Whether and : to me to increase employment it is more 15 minutes, or I hurry events? And the whole day long I try to breathe only superficially, and a nose, though and with some difficulty. I correctly do it? With respect. Alexey. PS. The first volume has read and has acquired.

Dear Sergey, I will remind that at me strong allergic reaction when took a cat has begun. For 3 weeks on Training 1 my results the following: the first-one and a half week broke strongly, the diaphragm when reduced depth of breath already pulsed, but felt that helps, a nose has spread out, cough has passed a week later. Difficultly for development on my sensations, but is worthy of it. It became then much easier, 20-25 seconds do not breathe after an exhalation without diaphragm pushes. I am engaged three times a day for 10-12 minutes. Has begun with MP in 20 seconds now almost 30., but grows slowly. Pulse in norm 60/70. Valery tells about the method to the to 6 years son (breathe as the mouse), squatted with it in 3 training, it has apprehended, but not up to the end as it seemed to me, and then in couple of days when the doctor has come and has told: Grisha, breathe deeply I you I will listen! He has told: I will not breathe through the mouth, bacteria in myself to exhaust:) It was ridiculous, the doctor of humour has not understood:) For children the special form of explanations is certainly necessary, whether there is what that operating time for children? Yours faithfully. Victor

Dear Sergey. I welcome you, kind to you of health! Thanks you for a jogging technique, I will look at it slightly later. Now simply I help the girl with a term paper - minutes free. And so I want to note that with Buteyko breathing at me improbable inflow of forces, thanks huge is marked!!!!!!!! Your friend, Alexander!!!!

Good afternoon dear Sergey! Today at me birthday, also know what gift you have made to me? I FOR THE FIRST TIME FOR a SPRING was not ill NEVER!!!!!!!! Thanks for your Buteyko course!!! Now I help some. But here at it the glaucoma and a cataract speak , and to it want to do operation for 10000 grivens. Something can will prompt or can teach his? P.S. To the grandfather like change a crystalline lens, and the grandmother of my mum has just died through a floor of year after that. I CAN not EXPRESS YOU GRATITUDE FOR BUTEYKO BREATHING AT ALL!!!! NOW I EASY RUN And I eat ice-cream. And EVEN the BRONCHITIS ALREADY is not present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANATOLY 1 of May of 2009 year

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-- Hypertension
-- Heartache
-- Bronchitis
-- Allergies
-- Diabetes
-- Adenoids
-- Weight Loss
-- Painless Childbirth