Buteyko Breathing Course

Buteyko Breathing Course

As of today, our Centre has been providing training in the Buteyko Breathing Method via the Internet for more than 12 years. In the meantime, more than 5 000 people were trained without leaving their homes, they were provided with practical instructions and achieved much success in healing their disease. For that very reason, we invite you to go through a specially developed course of training in the Buteyko Breathing Method via the Internet.

Online Buteyko Course Gives:

  • From the very first exercises, you will be able to release the most evident signs of the disease such as short of breath, cough, headache, and high blood pressure;
  • After a month of trainings supervised by the experienced practitioner you will achieve stable improvement of your condition;
  • Several months of regular exercises will lead to significant dose reduction or complete drug withdrawal;
  • For the rest of your life, you and your family will have an unfailing remedy for health maintenance and preserving without any pills or surgeries;
  • You will get a chance to help your children and relatives to get rid of the disease and pills;
  • You will not have to go out of the house or take a leave in order to get a workout in the Buteyko Breathing Method;
  • You will save more than $1,500 on travelling and hotel accommodation expenses;
  • Having mastered the practical course, you will be able to have two-month free consultations with the practitioner on any issue;
  • You will become an owner of a full package of materials including books, practical instructions and video of all classical Buteyko’s exercises.
Your training in the Buteyko Method will be provided by:

Sergeу Altukhov

Director of "The Buteyko Effective Training Centre",
Certified Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner with a 30-year experience,
Author of a documentary novel "Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery"

Training Course Program:

I. Theory / Literature on the Buteyko Breathing Method: Theory Test:
You will receive an e-version of two basic publications on the theory behind the Buteyko Breathing Method:

Первый том
The first volume of the
"Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery" novel.
Второй том
The second volume of the
"Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery" novel.

II. Practice / Practical Training in the Buteyko Breathing Method:

  1. Classical Complex of Breathing Exercises No.1:
    We will send you via the Internet the first part of the "Special Advanced Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method with Comments for Training via the Internet". Under complete supervision and with advisory support provided by the experienced Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner, you will master the practical skills.

  2. Classical Complex of Breathing Exercises No.2:
    Following the successful practicing of the Complex No.1, we will send you the Complex No.2, which is the next stage of training. Together with your practitioner (with his recommendations and advice), you will master this second stage of practical training.

  3. Classical Complex of Breathing Exercises No.3:
    After successful learning and improving two basic Buteyko’s Breathing Exercises we will start mastering the final Complex of Breathing Exercises No.3.

We are glad to inform you that

Starting from June 5th, 2014, the Practical Training Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method includes the Complete Video Course of:

"Classical Practical Exercises by the Buteyko Breathing Method"

Included in the course is the most complete lecture on the Buteyko Breathing Method, detailed presentation of all Classical Complexes of Buteyko’s Breathing Exercises, as well as a whole number of practical recommendations for implementation of the method.

III. At the end of the joint mastering of all the practical trainings required, we will send you a Program of Training in the Buteyko Breathing Method (supervised by the experienced practitioner) for four months.

Within two months, you will keep communicating with your Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner and will be able to get free advice on any issues.

Training Course Cost

Cost of the Training Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method: $350 USA

Cost of VDBE practitioner training: $3,300 USA

Signing up for Training

In order to sign up to take a Training Course in the Buteyko Breathing Method via the Internet, just fill in the form below:

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e-mail must be entered completely

Within 24 hours we will advise all the data required for the payment and the beginning of the training

What People Say About The Course:


Below is an extract from the comments written by Andrew. At the moment when he was writing this comment (or rather the report on his training) Andrew was 25. His whole family suffers from hypertension – two generations. Here what he writes:

"... My pressure rather rarely exceeds 135/90. Today, my morning pressure is something about 122—128/75-80. Though, by the evening it is usually no less than 130/85. But anyway, it is approximately 10mm less than it used to be. If in the past 130/80 seemed to be the state of maximum relaxation and calming for me, now I am amazed to find my BP of 120/70. During these long 11 years of illness I can hardly recall such values without taking medicines. The signs of high pressure have definitely decreased. Previously, after dinner my pulse would become rapid, my face would turn red, I had sudden fit of weakness and was ready to drop, wishing only to fall asleep as soon as possible. My pressure jumped up to 145-150/90. Nothing of the kind happens now. I have a powerful instrument for managing any disease: the VDBE method. And I will do my best to improve my health..."

Andrew, 25

Heartache, IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease)

"Dear Sergey and Liudmila, I want to THANK YOU INDEED for your efforts. In early spring I thought if there was the 60th episode, then the other ones should be. This is how I discovered the talks ‘By the Fireplace’, as well as the episodes where Liudmdila tells about her life. Your story impressed me greatly. I have got the whole course of VDBE Technique from you. I have been training for more than a year. The control pause is increasing too slowly but understand that it is because I can’t relax correctly… Your episodes help me to master the technique and learn a lot of new things about which I have even had no idea. Thank you for giving hope for recovery, all the rest is up to us. Our family like your interesting talks of various kinds. It is very good that you have invited Klara Lagunova – her priceless advice is just what we need. We are proud that such people live in our country! All the best!

Best wishes, Laura"

Heartache, Hypertension, Arrhythmia, Stomach tumor

"Dear Sergey, I am sending this letter to you as both a comment on your site, and my impression on your practical trainings. Your site has inspired me, the former nurse, to start training in the Buteyko Breathing Method.

I was born in 1946. Now I am 58. Over a long period of time I had been working as a nurse at the military plant in Ural. I was exposed to a great dose of radiation. And, more dead than alive, I retired on a pension. I left Ural and moved to Krasnodar Region. While working in Ural, I was not only exposed to radiation but developed a whole lot of diseases. It is in Krasnodar, that physicians diagnosed the problem with my stomach – nearly a precancerous lesion. My head was constantly spinning. I was weak. I could hardly walk – the heart beat madly. My pressure jumped up and down. It is then that I learnt about your site. And I made up my mind to undergo the practical trainings. Though for me as a nurse it was so difficult to believe that something like breathing can stabilize pressure. I studied only for three days. And then I started training myself according to your instructions. It is just incredible, what changes occurred with me exactly for a few months… I used to pour enormous money into medicines! Having got a pension of 1700 RUR, I would spend 1000 RUR for tablets and pills. But that did not help. My tumor in the stomach was increasing… Now I just sit on the chair and breathe by the Buteyko Breathing Method. Not so long. Just once or twice a day for 15 minutes. But now I can go past the chemist’s holding my head proudly! I do not need their expensive, useless and sometimes fake medicines anymore! Do not need. It is amazing. I go past the chemist’s. Automatically slow down at the entrance, get my wallet and… and drop the wallet back into the bag leaving the chemist’s behind. Well, the habit of buying medicines has so far remained, but the Buteyko Breathing Method enables me to pass by the chemist’s. Several examinations in Krasnodar showed a sharp decrease in the tumor. Dizziness was several times less. Now, when I am walking my heart is not hammering in my throat. But that is not the half of the story. I still have atherosclerosis. I forget many things as before. But I am not going to give up trainings. It is a pity that some people underestimate breathing. And their breathing is absolutely abnormal. The traditional medicine will never let them free themselves from its strong embrace. All the best! Carry on the work of great Buteyko! That is worth a lot.

With best wishes, Liudmila

Hypertension, chronic headaches

"Dear Sergey, I am Marina from Ukraine. I have been training in the VDBE technique according to the Complex 1. I think that I am doing everything right, because I feel excellent. When I managed to reduce the high pressure, I was overfilled with positive emotions. In the mean time I have managed to remove a headache with the right-hand rule. I am chewing food well, I have less meals, I do not put sugar into tea, go to sauna, and have lost 3 kg. I sleep lying prone or on my left side, I do not wake up at night as it used to be, and breathe through my nose. The depth of breathing is becoming lessening. I do the exercises. I like the snake posture and twisting very much. In the prayer posture the breathing is reduced, but I do not feel well enough, may be, due to high pressure. I have learnt not to swallow the air in the street and breathe through the nose, though sometimes I have to walk slower than usually. The pause from 6 became 13! For me it is my tiny victory! If I am doing something wrong, please write. I am looking forward to your Complex No2. I have understood that my health is my own effort. Nobody will hand it to me on a plate, and no pill will cure the disease. Thank you for everything. God bless you!

Your Marina."

Frequent colds in the child

"Dear Sergey! Yesterday and the day before yesterday, we did our exercises, basically jogging and jumping like a hare or a frog. We doused with fresh water and rubbed urine. And now as to my way of thinking about the exercises. It is important to be in correspondence every day. But for your support and strong recommendations on performing everything required, I would have been scared immediately after the first cold in the head and stopped throwing cold water on my child, etc. While reading your letters, I became absolutely certain that I was doing right and I was on the beam. Now, the result is evident: when my child caught flu he came easily through it; the night cough disappeared, he feels better when playing and running, the cough is milder and not so frequent. I will continue to follow your advice. Thank you very much for your work!

Best wishes, Ann"


"Good afternoon, Sergey! Last night I returned home from work with a feeling of light asthmatic fit. I did Complex 3. On its completion, the fit stopped and I felt light. Before going to bed I did exercises again and immediately, moved to Complex 1. I could sit whole 5 minutes. Previously, 2 minutes was my maximum. I slept all night without wakening. Thank you very much.

Best wishes, Sofia."

Arrhythmia, Chronic rhinitis

"Dear Sergey Georgievich, I don’ know how to make reports, so I will write in a free form. The first training lasted 4 minutes. At the beginning, the pulse was 92, the pause – 8-14, after the training the pulse-92, the pause 9-15. Within the past days I brought the duration of the training up to 15 minutes. My pulse reduced to 74 beats, the pause increased twice. I stopped taking tablets, I felt well, and had a good night’s sleep. I learnt to remove rhinitis and nasal stuffiness. In general, the method works, I never would have believed it! I used to throw cold water on me but the physician forbade it. I think, that I can start again, can’t I? I am looking forward to Complex 2. Thank you for training.



"Dear Sergey! I have practiced three complexes of exercises so far. I have not decided yet which one to choose for the next few months. Would you answer a question, please: Why should I practice only one complex? I feel perfect. Thanks to my lucky star, I have opened the right web site and read about the Buteyko Breathing Method. Thank you, you have accomplished a great feat. Even if you save a few, it is worth shouting this great discovery from the housetop. I tell all my friends about it but they only smile and don’t believe even when they see that I’m getting better. So, I bend before your efforts and wish you good luck.

Your Mary."

Chronical Rhinitis

"Dear Sergey, I would like to ask you some questions. Yesterday I breathed according to Breathing Exercise 1. At the beginning, CP was 4 sec., pulse - 96. After 15 minutes, CP was 6 sec., pulse - 82. This morning, at the beginning of the exercises CP - 5 sec., pulse -96. After 15 minutes, CP - 8 sec., pulse - 83. And what is more, after 3-minute exercises in the morning my nose began to clear itself. I can breathe for 3 hours without any drops. Though not in a full force. Is it normally for just two sessions? Or, may be, it is self-suggestion. And one more thing. Shall I train for more than 15 minutes? Or, may be, I rush things, don’t I? During a day I do my best for my breathing to be shallow and through the nose, though it is not easy. Is it correct?



"Sergey, I would remind you that I had a severe allergic reaction when a cat was brought home. After three weeks of practicing Breathing Exercise 1, me results are as follows: during the first week or week and a half, I was aching all over and my diaphragm was pulsating when I was reducing the depth of breathing. Still, I felt that it worked: my nose was decongested and the cough disappeared in a week. It was difficult to cope with this technique but it was worth doing. Then I felt much better. Now, I do not breathe within 20-25 sec after exhaling and the diaphragm is not beating. I do exercises three times a day for 10-12 minutes. I have started with a 20-second MP. Now it is almost 30 seconds but is increasing slowly. The pulse is normal – 60/70."


Asthma in a child

"I have told my 6-year-old son about the technique (breathe like a mouse does), squatted together with him in Complex 3. He grasped it, but to my thinking, not quite. In a few days when a pediatrician came and said, “Grisha, breathe deeply – I will examine your chest”, he answered: “I won’t breathe through the open mouth to drive bacteria inside my body”. It was funny. But the pediatrician missed the point of humour:). No doubt, children need a special pattern of explanations. Do you have any materials intended for children?

Best wishes, Victor"


"Dear Sergey, I greet you and wish you all the best! Thank you for the jogging procedure, I will read it just a little later. At the moment, I am helping one girl with her yearly essay and I am up to my eyes. But I want so much to tell you that with the Buteyko Breathing Method I feel incredible fit of energy. Thank you muchly!!!!!!!!

Your friend, Christian !!!!"


"Good afternoon, Sergey! Today is my birthday. Do you know what present you have made me? FOR THE FIRST TIME, THIS SPRING I HAVEN’T FALLEN ILL! Thank you for the VDBE course!!! Now, I help some people. ?? But they say that he has something like glaucoma and cataract. And they want to operate him at $15,000. May be, you can recommend something or teach him. P.S. The grandfather seems to be going to have his crystalline lens replaced. But my mother’s granny died half a year right after this. I EVEN CAN’T PUT INTO WORDS ALL OF MY THANKS FOR VDBE!!!! NOW I CAN RUN AND EAT ICE-CREAM. AND I EVEN HAVE NO BRONCHITIS ANY MORE!


Buteyko Breathing Cures:
  1. Preasthma:
  2. respiratory allergosis
  3. polyvalent allergia
  4. laryngospasm (loss of the voice)
  5. food allergy
  6. drug allergy
  7. pseudocroup
  8. pharynritis
  9. laryngitis
  10. tracheitis
  11. Asthmatoid bronchitis
  12. Bronchial asthma
  13. CNDD (chronic non-specific pulmonic diseases):
  14. chronic bronchitis
  15. obstructive bronchitis
  16. chronic pneumonia
  17. brochiectatic disease
  18. pneumosclerosis
  19. pulmonary emphysema
  20. silicisis, anthracosis etc.
  21. Chronic rhinitis
  22. Vasomotor rhinitis
  23. Frontal sinusitis metopantritis
  24. Maxillary sinusitis
  25. Sinusitis
  26. Adenoiditis
  27. Polyposis
  28. Chronic rhinosinusopathy
  29. Pollinosis (hay fever)
  30. Quincke's edema
  31. Urticaria (hives, nettle rash)
  32. Eczema (letter):
  33. neurodermite
  34. psoriasis
  35. diathesis
  36. Vetiligo
  37. ichthyosis (fishskin disease, xeroderma, alligatorskin disease)
  38. juvenile acne (comedones, blackheads)
  39. Raynaud's disease (vasospasm of the upper limbs)
  40. Obliterating endarterilitis
  41. Varicosis (varix)
  42. Thrombophlebitis
  43. Hemorrhoids (piles)
  44. Hypotension (hypotony)
  45. Hypertension (hypertony, high arterial blood pressure)
  46. Vegetovascular dystonia (VVD)
  47. Vitium coridis congentium (congenital heart diseases)
  48. Articular rheumatism
  49. Rheumatic heart diseases
  50. Diencephalic syndrome
  51. Heart ischemia
  52. Chronic heart ischemia (CHI):
  53. stenocardia
  54. posthmyocardial ifarction cardiosclerosis
  55. Breaches of cardiac rhythm:
  56. tachycardia (tachyrhythmia, tachysystole)
  57. extrasystole
  58. paroxismal tachycardia
  59. cilinary arhythmia (cardiac fibrillation)
  60. Generalized atherosclerosis
  61. Arachoiditis (posttraumatic, influenzal etc.)
  62. Postinsultus states (conditions):
  63. paralysis (palsy)
  64. paresis
  65. Parkinsonism (initial form)
  66. Hypothyreosis
  67. Hyperthyreoidism
  68. Basedow's disease
  69. Diabetes mellitus
  70. Breaches of menstrual cycle
  71. Toxicosis of pregnancy (disgravidism)
  72. Pathologic climacterium(menopause)
  73. Cervical erosion
  74. Fibromyomes
  75. Fibrotic mastopathy
  76. Sterility
  77. Impotency
  78. Menacing abortions
  79. Radiculitis (nerve root syndrome)
  80. Osteochondrosis
  81. Metabolic polyarthrilits
  82. Rheumatoid polyarthritis
  83. Dupuytren's syndrome (tendon osteal contracture)
  84. Cout (podagra)
  85. Pyelonephritis
  86. Glomerulonephritis
  87. Nycturia (bed wetting)
  88. Cystitis
  89. Urolithiasis
  90. Obesity of any
  91. Lipomatosis
  92. Chronic gastritis
  93. Chronic cholecystitis
  94. Biliferous tracts dyskinesia
  95. Chronic pancreatitis
  96. Cholelitniasis
  97. Duodendal ulcer
  98. Spastic colis
  99. Peptic uncler
  100. Multiple sclerosis
  101. Epilepsy (spastic syndrome)
  102. Schizophrenia (at the initial stage)
  103. Collagenoses (dermatomyitis)
  104. Glaucoma
  105. Cataract (a)
  106. Strabismus (heterotropia)
  107. Hypermetropia (farsightedness)
  108. Radiation sickness (!)
  109. Acute hepatitis
  110. Chronic hepatitis
  111. Cirrhosis of the liver (!)