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How to lose Weight: Why diet does not Help?

weight loss United States of America is considered the richest country. How many million people around the world just dream to move to United States! To receive there at first a green card. And over time and nationality All this, of course, are pink dreams.

But now let's look at this illusive paradise on the other hand. Here along streets of New York there are going extremely fat people Both men, and woman. They live in the richest country of the World! But they are very unhappy Because their weight exceeds norm on twenty-thirty kilograms! Tell honest -to drag on himself such weights- is happiness? This is huge misfortune! And you will not envy these suffering people

And now let's look on streets of Moscow in Russia There too there are a lot of fat people. They have beautiful cars. They are dressed in expensive suits. But on their faces there is no happiness They drag on themselves heavy weights! It is their body excess weight.

These people are similar to slaves by galleys They day and night drag on themselves huge excess weight

They are not rescued by various diets. They are not helped by the most expensive tablets. Their awful weight only grows.

And the scientist-physician Konstantin Buteyko thought up an easy medicineless way of disposal of completeness for their rescue It is a legendary Buteyko Breathing Method. These people grow stout not because eat much They grow stout from of deep breath! They overeat only one product four times - atmospheric air! The woman should inhale no more than three and a half liters of air in one minute. It according to norm. And she inhales all fifteen litres! Four times more than natural norm As it at the same time will be harmonious?

Any way! The Buteyko Breathing Method is a method of strong-willed elimination of deep breath. If you study Buteyko Method, then you will begin to breathe normally. You will not for times overeat atmospheric air! And your stomach will not be inflated from of the air overeating!

Courageous Discovery? Very courageous! But it works. And it will help you!

How To Learn The Buteyko Breathing Method?
Registration for training to the Buteyko Breathing Method with reception of The Practical Video-Course of the Buteyko Breathing Method is opened.
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Twice diplomaed Buteyko-practicioner,
the author of the Doctor Buteyko Discovery trilogy,
the director "The Centre of effective training
to the Buteyko Breathing Method"
Sergey Altukhov


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